Your new sexual GPS

Your new sexual GPS

Your new sexual GPS Choosing to lend your own sense to the sexuality that you feel like having, experimenting with or sharing has a new meaning in our relations. In sex, you choose or invent the strategies: the only goal is to be free, enjoy it and set your own limits, nobody forces you to… Read more »

Seducing with your voice: the importance of having a seductive voice

Flirting seductively is a vital part of relationships. The smile, body language and the way you look at someone are all sensual signals that enable us to feel and receive more sexual desire, but it has been shown that the voice is even more important than these forms of expression when it comes to attracting… Read more »

Sex with blow-up dolls in Barcelona

Blow-up dolls have come on a long way since the Normandy landings in WWII when Hitler ordered them made for his soldiers. As far as the way they feel, the way their joints move, their hair and functions, blow-up dolls—or ‘Dutch wives’ as they were called by early sailors—have evolved a lot ever since the… Read more »

Selfie Clara the most Mature and extraordinary lady

Hello my name is Clara I have much to offer and little to say, because i have always preferred that my companions do it for me. I am a mature lady as far as chronological age is said, very active and very educated, discreet who usually surrounded by people from the fashion world. I can… Read more »

Polyamory the best for to do love

So-called open relationships—or what comes down to the same thing, the freedom of loving two people at the same time—have been revealed and talked about and they have caused quite a stir. It is a relationship option that does not suit those who find monogamy romantic. People come to this alternative style of loving in… Read more »

Saint Valentine’s Day ???

san valentin amor

Have you ever had that feeling that you are intoxicated, you get a rush or that you’re unable to do anything when you sense someone close by or simply see them pass by? Well, if so, then you already know what it’s like to be in love or feel a sudden passion. How long it lasted or what… Read more »

My lover: A man who´s youngest than me

It is a question that I have always asked myself personally: could a young man— let’s say 11 years younger—fall in love with me? Anyone who has found love, passion or pleasure should consider themselves fortunate and not penalised on account of their age. As far as society is concerned, the fact is that seeing… Read more »

Luxury escorts for the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

People who were already present in the past editions of Mobile World Congress were lucky enough to enjoy the company of the girls from Barcelona Escorts. Obviously, this is an important meeting attended by the most important companies in this sector, so it is essential to perform at your job all day, and to do… Read more »

The increase in divorces after the Christmas holidays

The rise in the number of divorces after holiday periods isn’t make-believe and September and December are clear proof of it.  It never ceases to amaze you when you see the statistics and get confirmation that the moment couples’ holidays come to an end is when the number of divorces rises most. In other words,… Read more »

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