Saint Valentine’s Day ???

san valentin amor

Have you ever had that feeling that you are intoxicated, you get a rush or that you’re unable to do anything when you sense someone close by or simply see them pass by? Well, if so, then you already know what it’s like to be in love or feel a sudden passion. How long it lasted or what… Read more »

My lover: A man who´s youngest than me

It is a question that I have always asked myself personally: could a young man— let’s say 11 years younger—fall in love with me? Anyone who has found love, passion or pleasure should consider themselves fortunate and not penalised on account of their age. As far as society is concerned, the fact is that seeing… Read more »

Luxury escorts for the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona

People who were already present in the past editions of Mobile World Congress were lucky enough to enjoy the company of the girls from Barcelona Escorts. Obviously, this is an important meeting attended by the most important companies in this sector, so it is essential to perform at your job all day, and to do… Read more »

The increase in divorces after the Christmas holidays

The rise in the number of divorces after holiday periods isn’t make-believe and September and December are clear proof of it.  It never ceases to amaze you when you see the statistics and get confirmation that the moment couples’ holidays come to an end is when the number of divorces rises most. In other words,… Read more »

The life of an escort: questions that every man has asked himself

How many of you have ever stopped to think; what is this escort like when she is with her boyfriend or when she is alone, with her family, or studying? Don’t try to get inside an escort’s mind because it is a pointless, uncertain and very banal exercise.   Most men probably feel sorry for… Read more »

Erotic gifts for Christmastime

I have to admit I definitely find it hard to take that we pay so much attention to this annual event that should be purely a religious one, only to convert it into an entirely materialistic shopping binge, but the fact is that’s what we have done with it. It’s Christmastime, a time to make… Read more »

How to be daring when it comes to sex?

It wouldn’t be the first time that we have heard “I want a lady around the house and a whore in the bedroom”. Without totally agreeing, let’s concentrate on the bit about the “whore in the bedroom “because I believe that that is a truth that is shared by the vast majority of both sexes…. Read more »

Selfie Julia

1) Define yourself the best and broadest possible way you are Hi, My name is Giulia , sure i’am only 22 years old , it doesn’t mean i can’t offer you what you looking for. I am really passionate girl and ambitious.I consider myself to be attractive as a women ,a good listener and even… Read more »

VEGGIESEXUALS: you won’t appear sexy to them if you eat meat

We all agree about the powerful influence that diet has on both mental and physical health as well as on sexuality. Sexual hormones are the main factors and that is why it is beneficial as well as healthy to eat such foodstuffs as: honey, garlic, onion, ginseng, cocoa, sesame, pepper, oats, fruit and plenty of… Read more »

New book with the lady

The new term has started at University and with it young ladies move to our city of Barcelona. Those that were here over the winter renew their photo albums in order to update their image and make their photos as accurate as possible with respect to their physical appearance. For this reason, we are beginning… Read more »

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