Anorgasmia (or inability to achieve orgasm): we go in search of solutions

Anorgasmia is a taboo subject that is the opposite of addiction to sex. Thousands of women are trapped in their own struggle to achieve satisfaction and overcome this dysfunction that is so little understood among couples and sexual partners.
The problem of ANORGASMIA is directly related to shame. Many women suffer from this lack of response to sexual desire; however, what has made it into a bigger problem is the lack of understanding owing to the secrecy surrounding it.
Many couples consider themselves failures or incomplete when it comes to sexual relations owing to their failure to achieve orgasm, whether it is because of a fear of penetration or stimulation.
First of all, we should point out the difference between anorgasmia and frigidity since they do not necessarily go together. What is more, they almost never do and they are not the same thing.
Even though it may be true that a frigid woman is unable to achieve orgasm, it is also true that women who are unable to orgasm enjoy sexuality, desire, being touched…even without reaching orgasm. There is a big difference here with frigidity where there is a lack of any kind of sexual desire.
The big question and concern of all men and women is: is it possible to stop anorgasmia?
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Well then, there are methods by which you can help yourself to fight it, to know yourself, exploring your own body in intimacy is going to give you confidence in yourself and your body and what is even more important, more confidence when it comes to reaching orgasm. And that is where nothing can beat sex toys.
Firstly, we need to know the type of anorgasmia that is affecting your body since there are various kinds of anorgasmia. However, all of them are going to take us or try to take us to the same “unattainable desire” that that changes.
It could be total, or what is the same thing, something never experienced.
It could be partial, in which case it can only be attained by penetration and stimulation of the clitoris.
It could be secondary, in which case it has been experienced but is no longer experienced.
The causes may arise from a number of reasons such as badly understood religious education, low self-esteem, lack of attraction to one’s partner, fear or in security, lack of communication and, what often tends to be the case, physiological questions that can only be treated with specialists that I recommend you visit.
There is nothing or anybody like them when it comes to knowing how to help you and show you how to enjoy your body on your own or with your partner but, above all, how to enjoy your sex life.
We are going to show you some postures that will help you.
In general, women think that orgasm is not possible without penetration; this is untrue because it is possible to orgasm with other techniques such as by stimulating the clitoris and the vagina.
Without a doubt, the clitoris is the prime mover, the great forgotten piece when it comes to reaching an orgasm…
That is why postures so important. In this case, the missionary position in particular can be one of the ones that was most involved thanks to the rubbing and pelvic movement that goes with it.
Lying face down while being penetrated from behind is another sexual posture that allows you easy access to the clitoris so that the hand can provide simultaneous stimulation.
You should never stop experimenting and seeking the technique gives you the most excitement and pleasure.

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Stimulating the erogenous zones is the key along with caresses, fellatio, sex toys and plenty of foreplay. Each body responds in its own way to different postures.
Try things out and find what works.
Bearing in mind everything we have said above, the lack of pleasure known as Anorgasmia has various phases:
Coital Anorgasmia
Primary Anorgasmia
Secondary Anorgasmia
Situational Anorgasmia
Occasional Anorgasmia
All of them have certain things in common: the ideal setting, the couple and their surroundings and considerable emotional preparation, peace and quiet, taking plenty of time and your partner’s sensitivity.
Visiting a specialist is always recommended to give yourself the best options according to the level of anorgasmia you possess and to manage to fully enjoy our sexuality without fear or shame.

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