ESCORTS-BARCELONA-AZAFATA-ACOMPAÑANTE-VIP One of the main reasons why couples split up is that they fall into a routine. The monotony of living together means that passion cools off. However, if this happens to you, remember that everything has a solution.

We do not have to have a spectacular body or be professionals in all things erotic to turn our ideas into an erotic gift; doing a striptease can be really positive and innovative when it comes to turning on the passion and breaking out of routine.

Striptease is an act of sensual expression where the only thing you need is to feel free without any taboos: it’s not a bachelor party or a red light zone dance, so don’t fall into the trap of typical clichés and enjoy your body’s  freedom, make the best of your own sensuality because YOU’VE GOT IT..

We are going to suggest some guidelines for you to make sure that a moment as erotic as this is a guaranteed success.

The big moment of passion is when you undress your partner; don’t get undressed by yourself but rather make it a part of a build-up that is exciting to a greater or lesser extent. That’s why you should set the right atmosphere by dimming the lights, lighting candles, and putting on some suitable music.

Wear lingerie that’s nice but that allows you to feel comfortable and confident; you do not want to appear in a way that doesn’t reflect how you really feel because it will lead to you feeling less attractive.


Make sure he’s sitting comfortably and naked on your bed, watching you while you’re undressing to music that you’ve already tried out. Like this, you’re sure to make it more exciting.

Practising first will make you feel more confident; you’ll know the rhythms and where to pause: it isn’t difficult and it will help you. It’s a game, so go for it for all you’re worth but do so with plenty of concentration. Forget about feeling ashamed, it is your partner and you’re just playing at being erotic. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to get really turned on doing this.

Just keep your mind on this moment in time and, for your partner, you’re the sexiest woman there’s ever been. Become aware of the beauty of your body and your movements.

When you transmit a feeling of confidence your partner will think more highly of you because there’s nothing like a woman who’s sure of herself.

It is important not to forget the following secrets if you want to make sure you leave your partner begging for more: keep your eyes fixed on your partner, stare at him in a saucy way and don’t stop looking. Depending on your own taste, you can play whatever music matches your mood but it’s best to stick with something slow and very sensual.

Choose the most suitable clothes for the occasion, ones that are comfortable, with buttons, are easy to take off and that don’t stop you from moving your body around freely. Whenever you do a striptease, always change what you wear: like this, it’s sexier and you maintain the intrigue and desire. Lacy lingerie is much more sensual and erotic: never forget that it obviously plays the key role, so wear the best, most erotic clothes you’ve got.

During the dance do not let him touch you, but rather stay in control right up until the end and watch how the desire you can see in his eyes grows and grows. Always look up, take confident steps and stay in total control of everything you do. Don’t be afraid to dance on your own until you are familiar with all the music’s rhythms so that you can be in charge of the situation.

Enjoy your dance, move your body, free your mind and, like this, you’ll manage to breathe new life into your intimacy with something as simple, beautiful and subtle as your dance.

I’m going to share with you my favourite music for striptease: Tango In Harlem – Touch and Go

Never forget that the more open the verbal and physical communication is between you, the greater is the chance you will create a lasting and stable relationship.

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