Viagra feminine ???


Viagra for women:  Addyi   Let’s talk about something that has been the subject of much discussion concerning female sexuality over the past few days in the USA. Now it has arrived in our country. We should start out by remembering that this medication has already been rejected by the FDA on a number of… Read more »


venezolana muy guapa

 One of the main reasons why couples split up is that they fall into a routine. The monotony of living together means that passion cools off. However, if this happens to you, remember that everything has a solution. We do not have to have a spectacular body or be professionals in all things erotic to… Read more »


SHIBARI, BONDAGE, BDSM… there are many different ways to refer to the noble art of tying someone up and although all of them are different, deep down they all seek to achieve the same thing: greater excitement. Many women fantasise about being tied up so that they are free of any responsibility and can let the other… Read more »

My experience with Juan (a diabetic)

Over the course of my life I have never been rejected by men; quite the opposite, without wanting to appear vain I can say that I have been more or less successful depending on who you choose to compare me to. However, until Juan came along, no-one had ever rejected me. One summer, since both… Read more »

Experience with a romantic client

The manager escort agency called me: there is a client in Hotel Arts who is asking for a young woman who speaks English, can you? It’s 11:30 p.m., I call a taxi, I say hello politely and point out the hotel without too much explanation since it is well known to all. At that time… Read more »

Welcome to our Barcelona Escorts Agency! The high standing 2.0

We have made a decision: to jump into the digital age with great force. We have the illusion and the desire to explain the particularities of our sector. With our stories and tales we want to illuminate this sector. BCN Escorts 2.0: the digital diary of an escort This is the first post for us…. Read more »


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