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In selecting escorts Europe-wide, especially Barcelona and Madrid, we guarantee first-rate contacts, which is why we also demand the same of the young ladies who are interested in being part of our agency.

The requirements include a high level of education, the right interpersonal skills and absolute seriousness.

Far from it being easy to become a high-end escort, we find it hard to bring together a team that meets our requirements, so we are very scrupulous when it comes to the selection process.

The way you behave has to be absolutely correct, direct, brief and concise. We work with  gentlemen who demand the utmost discretion, so there are several issues that you have to take into account: young ladies should in no way be interested in their companion’s private data or offer them theirs.

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  • We are an agency that operates around the world. Our young ladies go wherever the client needs them, as long as they pay for the return journey.

  • A minimum of two hours beforehand is the most convenient thanks to the study timetable that the young ladies normally have at university.

  • There is a clear difference for those of us who carry out the exhaustive selection of our casting. A VIP escort is defined as being an escort who is more select in her services and her qualities. Everything that she has invested in herself means that she is on a higher level, she offers the level of a model and her services are for a limited time, she does not work every day. A normal escort also takes care of herself in the same way but her working hours are longer and she does not offer a GFE; they cannot offer the kind of image that a model can, they are more natural and more casual in general.

  • Absolutely, and that is why, at the moment that they present themselves, we ask them to tell us about any doubts because we are there to make them happy, to fulfil their desires, to build up a client base. Obviously, if the photographs were not real, we would not have existed for 20 years online.

  • It is welcome if you do so but it is not obligatory within the city. Some hotels are very far away and that is why taking a taxi is required. We always appreciate good manners.

  • Of course, discretion is our way of life; without it, there is no way that we could even go on. We would never send you an SMS nor do we keep the telephone numbers of our clients. NEVER Both parties demand discretion.

  • Always

  • Once you have introduced yourselves, greeted one another and it is clear that the young lady that you have chosen is the right one, that is the moment to pay.

  • The list of fees of the young ladies appears in the profile of each escort although, in some cases, we arrange special fees agreed by telephone beforehand.

  • It is one of their priorities, given that they are young ladies that live in the city and who have a perfectly normal life; that is why they never talk about their clients nor are they allowed to use their telephones during moments of privacy. We are very strict with regard to our clients’ discretion. We have never had any complaints.

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