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It was around the time of my fourth or fifth visit on business to the Catalan capital, Barcelona, when I decided to try something new. On previous occasions, after the endless meetings and presentations and the long, boozy business lunches with colleagues from around the world I would usually end up back in my hotel room relaxing while watching TV. I knew the city quite well by then, its plush uptown bars in the elegant 19th-century district known as the Eixample, the narrow streets and tiny squares that lead off the Ramblas as you head down towards the port, and the wide, tree-lined avenues along the city’s newly developed coastline, home to its brand-new marinas with their glittering yachts. I would often walk along there in the evening beneath the towering palm trees, enjoying the soft, salty sea breeze and the sight of the gorgeous young women who seem so prevalent in the Mediterranean metropolis.
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There was such variety there; classic, Spanish-looking dark skinned girls I assumed to be from Andalusia in the South, tall, leggy Catalan beauties with long fair hair, and shorter, bustier girls with pretty faces who spoke and laughed together in thick Latin American accents that I, with my basic knowledge of Spanish, could not make out.
On this particular evening, I could not stop thinking about the latter ones. After returning to my hotel, I surfed the web in search of a companion, someone with whom I could really connect, visit a nightclub, dance for a while to shake off all the stress of the trip and, if I was lucky, experience something new. One particular agency drew my attention: Barcelona escorts. I liked its straightforward layout and insistence on only using real photographs of the escorts. I called the number. A woman named Laura answered. She listened patiently as I explained what I was looking for.

At the end, she said, “Have you ever thought about going on a date with a Brazilian escort-they are sweet and sophisticated and lots of fun.” She described to me a couple of girls they had at the agency and I decided on one called Alanza, a 22-year-old from São Paulo. We arranged to meet at a bar in Sarria, one of the city’s most glamorous neighbourhoods.
Alanza was there on time. She had the sort of figure men dream about: firm, perfectly formed breasts, a curvaceous bottom with long, athletic legs and a dazzling smile. I was smitten.

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I asked her what people liked to drink in Brazil. “Let’s order a caipirinha”, she said before adding, with a saucy expression “and a cocktail called Rabo de Galo”. “What does that mean”, I asked. She leaned in close and whispered seductively in my ear, “It is a play on words, and it means ‘the rooster’s tail’“. We both laughed. I knew immediately it was going to be a fantastic night. She told me about herself, her interests, and her love of sports. I asked about her name since I’d never heard it before. “It is a genuine Brazilian girl’s name,” she replied. “It means ‘one who is eager’”.
From there, we set off for a nightclub for some dancing. I knew the basics of salsa from dance classes I had taken in London but nothing prepared me for the experience of dancing with this wildly sexy young woman. She showed me how to do the Samba and the Bossa Nova, all the while pressing her body against mine. We kissed passionately on the dancefloor. After a second cocktail, she really began to loosen up, her hot breath on my neck, uttering racy phrases in my ear in that most sensual of languages, Brazilian Portuguese. We jumped in a taxi and headed straight back to my hotel.

The following hours passed like a dream as Alanza made love to me like no woman had before. She did justice to her name, taking me to the limits of sexual pleasure with a boundless enthusiasm. When she left in the morning, after one long, last hot-blooded kiss, I made my way to the hotel’s cafe for a coffee, strong, hot and sweet, Brazilian style. The sheer magic of spending a night with a señorita from São Paulo was something I would never forget.

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