The do’s and don’ts of an “erotic fitness” girl

Any woman who wants to have a ‘gym bunny’ body has to keep in mind that it is very sexy as long as it does not go too far. You should pay attention to diet, work out at the gym and feel comfortable with yourself and your work. Never put your physique before having a friendly attitude in order to show what you want to be and are not. Having a sculpted body does not increase or decrease your worth.

Women’s metabolism is much slower and ungrateful than men’s. We need to work out three times as long as them to achieve the same results, if indeed we achieve them at all.

It all comes down to testosterone, that deceptive hormone which determines women’s slow development compared with men. It is vital for building up muscles.

I am going to give you here some guidelines that will help you to be an ideal fitness girl. The combination of cardio with weights is the perfect mix. Training using cardiovascular exercises helps us to lose weight without building up muscle mass; they do not define or tone muscles. To tone muscles you have to do weights, alternating them with cardio. Like this, you will achieve a body that is well formed and toned, lose weight and not gain in volume while strengthening the flaccidity brought about by losing weight.

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The way you do the exercise is just as important. For example, if you want to build up muscles, the best thing is to do 10 repetitions of each exercise in series of 4.

It is vital to do your first sessions with a professional. You don’t have to do them every day, but, for the first week, you are advised to do so in order to learn how to work out the right way in accordance with the results you want to achieve.


1-Don’t give up easily; it is always difficult to do things for the first time and it will not be easy; you’ll have millions of excuses not to go to your session. Don’t let your internal devil dictate to you.

Willpower is a muscle, too and you have to keep it constantly active.

2- Go to the gym at least twice a week. Put it somewhere where you can see it and keep it in mind. Make those days an essential part of your schedule.

If you can go three times a week, that’s even better.

3-Don’t replace eating with working out. It is vital to have a balanced diet. Don’t even think about cutting out a meal, because it won’t help you at all. You will only succeed in deceiving yourself.

Plan what you are going to eat each week.

It’s vital to have information about which foodstuffs are friends and which enemies of your body as well as to be aware of any changes in your body owing to them, for example, bread for those who suffer from celiac disease or food intolerances…


4-Forget about work, not to mention taking your mobile phone along with you while you are working out at the gym. Disconnecting means providing energy to your brain, so don’t even listen to music: find another way, look for alternatives.

Don’t forget: this is your own time to turn off and take care of yourself.


5-Know or learn how to breathe. The oxygen you give your brain will give you much more energy and you will improve your performance, meaning that you will get more and more into it and the results will show in your body.


6-Look good: self-esteem is something that we all want to feel so, if you dress up to look your best when you go out, why not do so for yourself?

Invest in your sports outfits. You should feel comfortable and at the same time, attractive and sexy.

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7-Become friends with a companion so that laziness does not defeat you. Providing one another with mutual support is very important on those days when you feel lazy. Mutual support and motivation will help you both.

There are no excuses: make it something you do normally, like a rule.

8- Goals should start off low and go up. Like this, you will be able to see the results and how close you are to attaining them, always in a reasonable and reachable way.

Beginning with a personal trainer in the first month is the ideal way to get into the sports milieu and build up the enthusiasm you need.





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