Erotic gifts for Christmastime

I have to admit I definitely find it hard to take that we pay so much attention to this annual event that should be purely a religious one, only to convert it into an entirely materialistic shopping binge, but the fact is that’s what we have done with it.

It’s Christmastime, a time to make a good impression and give, lots of giving…

And that’s just what we are going to talk about – about what’s most wanted when it comes to sex, or at least what’s most appropriate.

We are going to bear in mind that the flame that passion ignites – isolated by time and routine – is fantasy and playfulness and what could better help us to manifest it in an intimate context than a sex toy, for example.

Let’s work on improving mental health by making it a reality, sexual health by the pleasure of having sex and our relationships through communication.


Here is some advice to make it come true:



-Above all, your right to say NO: it is important to know that the outcome can have an effect that is equally positive or negative. Doing something just to go along with what someone else wants when you do not really want to can be a decisive factor in breaking up.

-Surprise, prepare the ground a few days beforehand by talking about what they would like and make it come true when they least expect it.

-Dress up: you can really turn up the heat with a simple glance: men are very visual

-Books, films – whatever you have got within your reach will aid you to be original, to stimulate the imagination and it will be a big help for your creativity.

The main thing is to boost endorphins

At the risk of being called a pervert, a dirty old woman who is frivolous and dissolute, I am going to choose the best gifts to enjoy during this festive season and those to come.

If there is one thing that allows us to know ourselves better, to enjoy and be ourselves it is sexuality, in addition to the pleasure and happiness that it brings us.

Let’s pay tribute to the words of the Spanish priest and writer, Pablo D’ors: “Eroticism is simply the way you relate to your own body and other people’s. It’s a basic part of human life.”


My list of favourite presents for everyone who has been really bad, joyously bad forever:


-A film of erotic fantasies such as 50 shades of grey or one that, in my opinion, is more descriptive, X Confession by Erika Lust – a series of short movies by unknown people; if you have trouble finding it, search for it on the Web.

There are shops or specialised areas in bookshops where they sell these kinds of books, but if you still can’t find them,

-Stroker, basically for male masturbation, is one of the most common and essential erotic games.

It’s a big help with erectile dysfunction, perfect for foreplay and it helps to tone up your partner as it moves from the top of the penis to the bottom.

Don’t forget to lubricate it with a water-based lubricant.


-A diamond vibrator. All women love diamonds and here is no different, needless to say. However, in this case we’re talking about one that is not expensive (€50). It’s called Twenty one, it’s got three speeds so that you can find out the one that suits you and it’s got seven different vibrating modes with different sides to stimulate all external parts, the outer and inner lips as well as the clitoris, so that everything is set to continue onwards to the ideal penetration and inner excitement.

-For those women who are very concerned about the pelvic muscle that is so vital when it comes to sensitivity and becoming wet, there is the perfect lover, the ideal trainer and it’s called Luna Smart Bead. It’s a great addition after the much-famed Rabbit, it’s programed to give us different levels of intensity depending on the point we are at, you insert it into the vagina and it works fantastically by contracting itself to teach us the right stages in relaxing and contracting the muscles. It’s the best training exercise to reach those longed-for orgasms.


Quite frankly, it’s a revolutionary and pleasurable movement for the vagina.

We should not forget to use a special spray for these devices, both before and after using them, in order to avoid any risk of infection and maintain our intimate hygiene, feel safer and have better peace of mind in our relationships. What is more, if it is a toy that you share with your partner, it’s even more important to clean it before using it.

It’s worthwhile taking care and precautions.

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