Erotic literature: “What it can do for you”

Without any doubt, it is the best way to exorcise our sexual fantasies and a great friend of the libido. Let’s separate that boundary between eroticism and pornography.
Words always have an intrinsic power. However, that is especially true when it comes to the erotic world, since erotic literature is very enriching and revelatory in the way it can open the mind of even the most reserved people and put misunderstood shame aside.
This literary genre plays a very important social role, in not only the feminist revolution and older people. What better proof than the film 50 shades of Grey, its eroticism and effect on society? The critics have classified it as very watered down erotic literature. Nonetheless, it has played a highly important educational role for many people as far as their postures, sex toys, how often they have sex, and being in control of the moment are concerned…

It has been scientifically demonstrated that reading erotic books arouses emotions in people; they realize that, contrary to what they imagined, they continue to feel desire, exist sexually, and continue experiencing pleasure and, consequently, suffer less from depression, anxiety and require less medication.
I totally support Henry Miller, who once said that, “Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation.” The other eight are not important.
That’s the key: bringing erotic literature out of the closet.
For today’s women, reading erotic books—proudly and free of shame—makes us free and exorcises past habits. Being able to open our novel on the metro, bus, train; sexy adventures with the only aim of enriching their fantasies and emotional intimacy.

The risk-free fascination, the concerns and curiosities take form in the mind and many women—though not the majority—try them out in their bedrooms. Like this, they have the freedom to know about them and, according to their standards, whether to practice them or not.
Reading these books allows you to distinguish, choose and decide what you would like to do or have done to you without needing a man to teach you how to enjoy yourself.
For an erotic book to carry out its function fully there has to be a series of characteristics that can make us feel the aphrodisiac pleasure, enthusiasm and curiosity to renew ourselves and exorcize our sexual ghosts.
A spectacle and a firm connection between the writer, the reader and the story, without falling into excessive perversion, are the keys to success.

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Books that we recommend you to read and fantasize:
– Delta of Venus
It is a book that provokes sexual desire and its enjoyment.
– The History of O
Seen from the perspective of a woman who enters the world of sadomasochism and sexual pleasure through slavery.
– Letter of love to Nora Barnacle
An erotic world based around intimate letters that two lovers send one another: a very erotic story.
And, if you prefer contemporary literature:
– Pídeme lo que quieras
Opening up to partner swapping leads to natural encounters that are provocative and very satisfying.
– Quiero lo mismo que tu (Esencia)
A really great sense of humour means that the sexual scenarios are not remotely forced, are measured and very well structured.
– Bajo las sábanas (Grijalbo)

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For those who like short stories, quickies and a mix of a number of authors, it features 17 stories, mostly about women.

Dare to break away from Disney paradigms dressed in sexy clothes, which, in the end, is what many writers reflect in their novels. Do away with American stereotypes.
Face up to fantasies, the luxury of love and give your imagination wings.

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