Eva returns from New York

After a week spent accompanying a gentleman to NYC, she is back with us.

It was a really pleasant experience and she tells us about the nicest bit of her week.


How’s it going, gorgeous?

-Super, I had a really good time

T.M, how did he treat you?

-Well look, I thought it wasn’t going to be so much fun because he looked so serious, but it was a really nice surprise for me. Once we got onto the plane, he totally relaxed.


-Yes really!!!!! What’s more, I can tell you that I have made a friend because I truly hope that you will call us back, he was an enchanting man.

I’m really happy to hear that, welcome back and let’s hope the good vibes in our agency go on.


And now you know, she is back with us, full of energy once more and with her mind in the right place.

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