We all want to improve our sex life, but we all ask ourselves the same question: is it a good idea or are we perhaps going to destroy our relationship?

Swapping partners is, without a doubt, what is most wanted and least accepted by one of the people involved.

There is no standard answer given that each couple— and even more so individually— has different preferences and needs, but if they go ahead and do it it has to be by mutual agreement; on the contrary, it may be counter-productive and unpleasant to experience this kind of thing and it could be the end of a relationship.

What is certain is that the couples that engage in it deceive one another less, are less unfaithful and take more enjoyment from all things sexual because they are open to doing it, to overcoming fears and breaking patterns, norms, promises… In other words, they are happier in bed and in their conjugal life


The focus that is placed on the exchange is very important; it has to be flexible and respectful without putting the couple at risk and never with couples that we already know or that we could come across somewhere. This is because a lack of emotional involvement is fundamental.

It should always be done in a way that is mentally healthy and has been agreed. Mental peace of mind and a sense of freedom on account of not being deceived is what partner swapping gives us because we do not need to feel like hypocrites who are cheating, going behind our partners back to try things out.

Deep down, it’s about enriching communication with our partner.

I am going to suggest some rules so that your partner swapping is successful.

Choosing the couple: never someone who is already known to you; no personal connections at all because they can bring problems to do with affection.

Pre-negotiation: do not try to force your partner will make them go beyond their sexual limits or ethics. If they do not feel comfortable, don’t do it. If, on the contrary, you want to do it by mutual agreement place limits and respect them.

Do it previously in an imaginary way: that is to say, when you’re having sex say out loud what you would do if you were partner swapping, what you would like to happen at that moment if there were four of you…..Give full rein to the imagination and see what emotions come up in order to guarantee true desire or fantasy and be clearer about whether it would be negative as far as your partner is concerned.

Protection: giving and receiving pleasure must be reciprocal, but always with protection. It is clear that we do not know the other person and that many of those couples do it as a habit. You always have to use protection, but in this case it is especially important.


Sensuality: be as sensual and close as you can so that you will be able to engage in sex more naturally and feel more pleasure.

It is important to show your interest with glances, caresses: erotic play is vital.

Location: there are thousands of places that are perfectly suitable for this type of fantasy without having to involve the experience in your home or in your private life.

Almost all of them are very discreet and strategic places located so that the people who go to them feel comfortable. However, it is always worse while checking them out online and seeing what they offer us, what they prohibit and what they ask for. Also because some of them feature very enjoyable themed days that you can attend.

They all have different rooms where you can explore and discover your preferences, bars where you can have a drink and first make contact with someone.

Enjoy your sexuality, open your mind and always be clear that not everything goes; if at any time you don’t want to go on where you just don’t feel like being with the couples you’ve chosen there is a subtle way to make your feelings felt: in almost all clubs, clear rejection is shown by holding your open palm down towards the floor.






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