Experience with a romantic client

The manager escort agency called me: there is a client in Hotel Arts who is asking for a young woman who speaks English, can you?

It’s 11:30 p.m., I call a taxi, I say hello politely and point out the hotel without too much explanation since it is well known to all. At that time of night, a young, well dressed Spanish girl going to Hotel Arts is suspicious; I see the taxi driver staring at my face in the mirror with a mischievous smile, you look really pretty, he says, you will be lucky for sure, he dares to tell me. For a moment, I thought about putting him in his place but I meditated on it; I have chosen this and this attitude is one of the most harmless consequences that it entails, take a deep breath and be polite.


At the door of the hotel, as always, the two bellboys open the door of the taxi for me and greet me; may I accompany you to the elevator?

Very nice, but it’s not necessary, I walk steadily towards those big, bright and modern elevators that so many times have given me the use of their glittering mirrors to put the final touches to how I look and sometimes build up my courage. (THE MAKE-UP HELPS!!)

Do not be fooled by my progressive spirit, sometimes you need to buck up courage.

When I get to the door, I knock slowly and Billy, a man of about 50 years of age, answers it. He looks good for his age; he’s wearing a dressing gown, tied without buttons that gives him a romantic, sweet and very attractive appearance, something that I was luckily able to confirm.

Are you really xxxx? Yeah, don’t I look it? I was relieved but not surprised ha ha ha.

Here’s your envelope, thank you, I count what’s inside it discreetly and inform the agency that everything is correct.

On the table there were two glasses of champagne all prepared, he offers me mine, we talked for a while and I start to feel comfortable. All the time he is very attentive to me when it comes to details such as; Would you like to drink something else? Do you want us to ask for something else that you like? …

We get down to business, I never thought a man could caress you so gently, so carefully, so delicately, intertwining his fingers in my long hair, undressing me in a subtle way that you don’t come across very often in this line of work, breathing gently down my neck, I felt his breath as if it came from an unattainable being.

This is something that you only feel with a gentleman who is warmly attracted to his partner at that moment. I felt so good that I forgot he was a customer.

Lying on the bed, he wanted to adopt the classic missionary position so that he could look into my eyes and be more comfortable (according to him). We spent some time like that as I felt his hands caress me all over my body before his fingers slowly reached my perfectly lubricated pussy. I asked him to slow down for fear that it would be over.  We changed posture so that I could give him a blow job that was really nice for both of us before having the nicest time I can remember in a long time.

We ended up embracing like teenagers, telling each other how good we felt. We talked about personal things for a while, until I decided to go to the bathroom, I would have loved to shower with him, but I didn’t want to tell him. So I was very surprised when he came into the shower with me and we started fondling, kissing and I gave him another blow job before we went back to bed for an impressive second round.

He asked the agency for two more hours.

The second time round we tried some other positions and so on and so forth….

When the time was up, he had an important meeting the next day, we said goodbye agreeing to do it again, but once again he showed what a gentleman he was by getting dressed in his normal clothes to accompany me to the door where the taxi was already waiting for me.

Never before had anyone accompanied me let alone gone to the bother of getting dressed exclusively for me.

I’m sure he is going to call me again and I will be the luckiest of women, the best cared for escort and the happiest woman in Hotel Arts

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