Going for a coffee with escort lady

For days now, I haven’t been able to see Monica, one of the most sought-after and highly valued escorts by our clients.

In general, we often see each other in the office, but in the case of this beautiful companion several circumstances have made it impossible to meet up.

She went on a work trip to study some courses. That, and the fact that something has come up with her family, have meant that we have not seen one another for almost one month.

I always try to see the girls on a regular basis because I believe it is important to keep track of their physical condition and anything that is changing-generally; they are constant-so that I can talk about them to clients with absolute certainty, confidence, and most important of all, honesty.

We have arranged to meet at one of the most famous terraces in Barcelona because it’s a discreet, laid-back and very cosy place located on the top floor of the Mandarin hotel.



Monica arrives, as ever straightforward and smiling a lot. We talk about how things are going with her work, with her family and finally about how much time she can devote to being an escort.

She tells me that now she has much more time available, that she went through a bad patch and that now she’s really looking forward to it again.

We laugh, drink coffee, catch up on all the gossip that is typical in this profession and talk about everything that happened over the month when we didn’t see each other.

To sum up, everything is just how we left it on the last day, we all have our problems, but in the end things sort themselves out or we sort them out the wbarcelona-escorts-dama-azfata-vip-cafe-hotel-desayuno-oriental-barcelonaay we want them to be.


Monica is perhaps one of the most difficult escorts to get hold of, but without a doubt it’s worthwhile meeting up with her because she is so natural that nobody could claim it’s hard work to be with her.

I could define her as the GFE par excellence.

It was nice to sit down for a coffee and quite honestly, it’s nice to have on your team girls who are so nice and straightforward who, at the same time, leave clients with a fantastic taste in their mouths.

If you are able to visit Barcelona, count on giving her a call and you will totally agree with me.

I’m very happy to see that everything is going well.



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