Home and Hotel Outcall

Barcelonaescorts has exclusive flats for the privacy of its clients. They are closed to the public and nobody occupies them, not even the girls themselves; they are available only for the service you desire with the young lady chosen by the client themselves.

In it, you can have everything you ask for: catering, a drinks’ trolley, desserts, cheeses and anything else that you might fancy. It has air conditioning and heating. If you wish, we can supply a waitress service to ensure you have whatever you need (always bearing discretion and cleanliness in mind).

All the girls have undergone health checks by our trusted doctors in order to guarantee their health and well-being. At the same time, it is true that most of our customers prefer to be visited at their hotel, thus ensuring the discretion for which our agency has been renowned for more than 20 years.

If it’s a case of a call-out to a hotel, there are a few steps to follow. You will be asked for your room number and hotel. The young lady goes directly to the elevator, just as if she were a friend of a guest staying there, without having to answer any questions or go through reception, except in the event some high-ranking person is staying there, in which case security is heightened and they are asking everyone who goes to the hotel for their ID. In this case, it is simple because all the girls at the agency are legal and all their papers are in order, in which case they identify themselves and go up to your room without any problem to visit their friend.

We always ask that the appointment be made a minimum of one hour in advance, because as far as our apartments are concerned, a person has to go there, open the apartment and get it ready, first for the arrival of the girl and then the client, what with candles, ice, the drinks you ordered, snacks…everything that is required for the meeting.

If it is at your hotel, it is also important to make the reservation by phone in time since the young lady has to deal with the traffic and go about readying herself for her appointment.

Home and Hotel outcall
Home and Hotel outcall
22 years

Home and Hotel outcall
Home and Hotel outcall
20 years

Home and Hotel outcall
Home and Hotel outcall
23 years

Home and Hotel outcall
Home and Hotel outcall
Valeri London
22 years




Can we ask them to dress in a certain way?

This is one of the questions our clients ask most frequently. And, without exception, the answer is yes.

You define the way we act: more GFE, more secretary-like, more dominant…as well as what they wear: garters, what colour lingerie, her clothes, shoes, sex toys…whatever you need to fulfil the fantasy you have dreamed about so long, the one you would like to make come true with us.

What is the most discreet way of doing it? And, which is more discreet, at the hotel or at your apartment?

This is another of the questions we are used to hearing. In both cases, discretion is absolute and the same care is taken. First, because our clients are our most precious gift and we have to take care of them. Second, because the same level of discretion is absolutely necessary for the young ladies, who do not want to be recognized or identified by anyone at all.

We decorate the apartment for them with great care and a high level of cleanliness, harmony, sense and sensuality; we are aware that the ambiance is all-important when it comes to eroticism.

Whenever possible, we recommend that the visits take place at a hotel because it is the surest way of not being seen by anyone, and of course, there is nothing like the privacy of a hotel, a place where everyone is passing through that offers all the safety of the establishment in your favour. For us, it is also nicer to meet up in a different place, one where our own fantasy of being desired by a distinguished gentleman who awaits us in the luxurious room of a large hotel. We are women and anything around us that hints of luxury and power tends to excite our feminine senses more.

Some of our customers ask us to be picked up at the airport, simply and discreetly, using your name on a sign and a car waiting. Well, in that case, we also have a driver, limousine, car and ladies. We try to make your stay in our city the best of visits to Spain and we always do so thinking about whatever we can do to improve your time at our side.

We are happy doing our work and we like to be seduce and be seduced by the people who choose us so that both parties treat one another with all the respect and human warmth needed to be happy. We are open to anything the client suggests, if you require anything you don’t see on our website, all you have to do is call 0034-620282923 and Laura will do whatever’s necessary to get it ready and ensure your maximum satisfaction.

We aim to be accomplices when it comes to pleasure and all things erotic; sensuality is our way of life.

Helping you is a pleasure.





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