How to be daring when it comes to sex?

It wouldn’t be the first time that we have heard “I want a lady around the house and a whore in the bedroom”. Without totally agreeing, let’s concentrate on the bit about the “whore in the bedroom “because I believe that that is a truth that is shared by the vast majority of both sexes.

The best thing of all is being free and enjoying our sexuality; however, we do not always dare to be wild cats eager to express and satisfy our desires, whether it’s through tiredness, the pressure of work, everything that has to be done around the house, not to mention all the myriad prejudices and shame that have accompanied us for thousands of years; it is not easy to find the right moment to give ourselves this great pleasure.

Sexual relations are like life itself: an entire project to which you have to give a little push now and again in order to awaken passion, feel beautiful, feel desired and respond with the same emotion and conviction.

We have to cross barriers, do away with monotony and act.

Learn how to come across in a relationship in a provocative way— in a saucy manner— and not always verbally. Let’s make use of the best ways of expressing what we like and want by means of sensual, bodily provocation, give the art of seduction an opportunity, exploiting all our charms.

Never show your cards; always leave them in doubt as to what you are going to do. Remember that men are hunters; they love having the prey under their control and the worst and most frequent thing that happens is that once they have got it they go after another one because their ego is already satisfied.


Always walk with firm steps so that your authority shows. Feel great confidence in what you are experiencing, in your own sensuality as a person. Gaze firmly into his eyes and flirt.

Always let him be the first to say something after a night of sex; he is dying to know what you think, what your opinion is, if you’re interested or not…

Emphasise your curves (without showing anything) to give scope to the imagination but do not forget to show what could be within his reach and hint what you’re capable of and willing to do by means of body language.

Doing something a bit crazy will bring him out of his comfort zone. Break the rules of what is classic or predictable and surprise him with something that he could never have imagined. Do away with the conventional; be a marvellously crazy girl because you want to be.

Take the initiative: enjoy yourself by discovering the unknown, going beyond your comfort zone, taking risks.  There is nothing to fear; talk as much and in as daring away as possible.


The main thing if you want to be good in bed is to emphasise the world of the senses, passions and sensations and just let yourself go: when it comes to sex there are no prejudices.

Rules when you want to go for it:

-Prepare your body by wearing the sexiest lingerie. Remember that the perfect setting is in itself a good start.

Be the first to make a move.


-Take great interest in spending this moment; the mind is very powerful: use it.

Love yourself a great deal.

-It is not an exam; nobody is going to assess you. Be provocative, be stimulating and everything will flow. Whatever you do, don’t be in a rush.

-Never stop experimenting; it is the best way to keep the flame burning and always throw yourself in to anything new with all your enthusiasm: everything will turn out well.

-Remember that you can always look for help if having sex turns out to be a real nightmare because of fears of failure, or shyness or any sexual disorder.

Sex should not be an obligation or any kind of examination. The ultimate goal is enjoying it with your partner and if you do not enjoy yourself, do not hesitate to go and see a specialist.


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