kind of sexual fantasies you can live

Have you ever wondered what kind of sexual fantasies you can live out with an escort? At Barcelona escorts, the beautiful young women have masses of experience at allowing their clients to explore their sexual fantasies in a safe setting. The only limit is your imagination. The great appeal of making your erotic fantasies come true in the company of these girls is that you are able to completely let your barriers down because you can form a short-term connection with a total stranger, and that opens up a world of possibilities.

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With their in-depth knowledge of male sexuality, the young women possess an open, understanding attitude to sex that enables them to cater to all the classic and some of the lesser-known male fantasies. The mutual respect that exists between clients and escorts and the fact that the latter do not shame or judge the former are the keys to exploring sexual fantasies. Whether they reflect actual past experiences, personal desires, or unfulfilled dreams, sexual fantasies are completely normal in humans and, in many cases, acting them out with a high-class escort is the ideal way to indulge them.
Needless to say, the diversity of sexual fantasies ranges enormously. Fortunately, the escorts at Barcelona’s longest-standing agency cover most requests. One of the most common kinds is role-play. Some of the popular fantasy acts that clients and escorts act out include that of employer and maid, where the maid’s standard domestic services expand to include a proper seeing-to from their master and, of course, the typical scenario in which the kindly nurse, in her tight-fitting hospital uniform, ministers to her patient’s sexual needs. Naturally, such fantasies also include dressing and up that is why the stunning escorts who work at Barcelona Escorts pride themselves on possessing an extensive wardrobe of outfits to match all occasions and tastes. Frequently requested get-ups include female doctors, policewomen and teachers. This kind of fantasy thus also includes an element of garment fetish.


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For many men, the role reversal that occurs when a hot escort dresses sexily in this way and acts out a steamy scenario gives them free range to enjoy being dominated by a woman. For example, many teenage boys fantasise about their hot young female teachers at school. Seeing an escort in a classy blouse and short skirt sitting on the table in front of them as her skirt slides up to reveal her thighs, brandishing the essential cane to discipline her naughty student is the kind of experience that can make a visit to Barcelona utterly unforgettable. On the other hand, some clients’ chief desire is to live out the classic schoolgirl fantasy. Nowadays, this tends to be in the form of the classic Catholic high school uniform—imagine an escort in pigtails wearing a short plaid skirt and acting young and innocent. The length of the skirt or the number of buttons that are done up on the shirt indicates says how much attention she’s aiming to receive. Wearing a soft cotton skirt that shows the shape of her hips and bottom is wildly sexy, opening up a gamut of naughty ideas for the client such as easy access, peering up her skirt and penetration and/or oral sex with her skirt still on.
Naturally, having a threesome is another hugely popular fantasy that the girls at Barcelona Escorts often get asked for. Quite a number of the agency’s top-class international female companions are into lesbianism, as is stated in their profile on the website. If you are visiting the Catalan capital and you have a yearning to indulge that long-held dream of being in bed with two hot women at the same time, watching as they pleasure one another, or taking an active part in the proceedings, then you have come to the right spot. Many men are also really turned on by a high-quality striptease. Choose your ideal companion then sit back and admire as she seductively removes her clothing, dancing sensually just for you to your own favourite background music. Equally, when it comes to the exciting world of erotic toys, the girls possess all sorts of stimulating devices and toys (all maintained in perfect conditions in terms of hygiene) for both of you to enjoy and you can rest assured they know how to use them to maximum erotic effect!

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Finally, let’s look at one of the sex acts that frequently features as a man’s top fantasy. The anal region is one of the most sensitive parts of the human body owing to the fact it has so many nerve endings. For this reason, many men would love to pleasure a woman anally. Naturally, it is important to find the right girl and take the essential precautions. On our website, it states whether the girls are open to this particular sexual act. As ever, if you have any doubts or special requests, it is best to check by making a quick call to the agency’s director, Laura, before confirming your appointment.

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