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This world is shit! It is a world where everything has a label, a name, like the medicines: this one’s for cancer, the other one’s for a cough and the other one’s for impotence.

Who should a lover be? A woman who is loved, that’s what I say! And who should be a loved one? Well, a woman who is loved, right? However, both are women who are with a man, as they say, in a relationship that is outside of marriage. They are the alternative partner without anyone noticing that thanks to these women people stay married because they provide the equilibrium: they are the scales! Supplying what the woman who is there on a legal basis- now we are talking about the wife- no longer offers.

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There are many men who carry a prostitute within them, in case you didn’t realise. The male prostitute emerges every time that a man sells himself to get a job, to get promoted, to go up a level; many of them are prepared to sell their soul, their integrity, their ethics, their morality, their principles and knowledge. All of it to achieve an economic status, financial stability, a rise: they even tread all over their own self-esteem in an attempt to stay by the boss’s side and they cling on to it as if it were the tail of a comet. There are guys that prostitute themselves.

Isn’t that falling pretty low? For me, it is worse than fucking for money. Because it is not the same thing selling your personal freedom as selling your body: there are things you can clean off with soap and water, but others you can’t!


Whereas a prostitute fakes an orgasm, a talented man turns into an asshole alongside another one who doesn’t know a dammed thing. And why? To keep serving him. The first one compromises his intelligence in front of a mediocre one who has a better position: he pretends, he seduces by praising the other one, he conquers him and lets himself be seduced- and I tell you again- all of it is for money, power or assets. He manipulates and allows himself to be manipulated; he falls into the game of prostitution searching for the same goal, the same end.

At those times, the whore they carry inside them is activated, you see them act and think: if they were winning on the outside to know one would even buy them a Coca-Cola for their theatricals.

Bear in mind that the word “whore” is incredibly powerful; that has to be because the word prostitution or prostitute sounds too long. Whore is a more precise word. It’s got more power, more push.

Haven’t you ever seen one man offend another? What is the first thing he shouts? “Son of a bitch”.

Haven’t you heard the expression “the fucking truth”? Why do you think people say it? Well, because the truth can be bought-and paid for! In the same way you pay a whore. Even when you are being sincere and telling the truth, not everyone accepts it; in fact, they reject it even though they want it.

Why do wars break out? Let’s see. If you ask that question on the street, anyone will answer you: Because there is some “son of a bitch”, who doesn’t want to understand another one, communication is screwed and they start shooting to see which one can finish off the other one. Well, that’s how it is!

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People say that whores are soulless, one dimensional, unfeeling types without any notion of loyalty and I tell you it is not always like that. Look at the Bible: when everyone who was at the foot of the cross where Jesus was being crucified was leaving. Who remained crying beside Mary? Mary Magdalene, who was neither a saint nor a member of any party. There are whores with feelings, good women even though they seem bad; like men, there are honourable and noble ones, and others who are total whores. And you don’t necessarily have to be a whore to be a bad woman!

As far as I am concerned, it doesn’t matter what they say. I couldn’t care less whether they think that prostitutes lack principles, beliefs, morality and scruples because those who go on about them are almost always the ones who you see every Friday night paying someone to make everything they dream about all week come true.

Please forgive me for going on about this but the fact is I like to talk and that is something you can’t do with most anyone at all because most people are stone deaf to what you’re saying. That is why I have my own philosophy.

Well, if you have got this far, thanks for listening to me…





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