Love as you want to love.

Let an escort – male or female – accompany you at the meeting point.

In this case, we are going to talk about offering the services of female escorts whilst not forgetting that it is also possible to provide the a male companion to women who know how to enjoy and appreciate good company without commitment.


Whatever you are and whatever you do for a job, always be the best, but if you are an escort, multiply that by a 1000: otherwise, you won’t survive for long at the top.

Contrary to what most people imagine, being an escort is not a degrading, dangerous or exploitative profession. Everyone admits it and everyone benefits. The one who pays and the one who charges. For me, the big question is why do people believe that the one who charges is worse? Both parties have rented out their bodies given that both have done the same thing. In the end, it has been a huge mystery during my entire life.

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At fairs, we all work hard for our companies and do our very best with our working time. Then, however, the temple that has given us so much work, dedication and effort closes, and our body asks us to disconnect. We continue in Barcelona, waiting for the next day, but with a companion so that everything runs more smoothly. That means where to go shopping, where to find good restaurants and places where you can switch off from a hard day’s work and, most important of all, how to enjoy fine company that has been previously selected, always by an agency. At barcelonaescorts we guarantee that our photos are utterly authentic (otherwise, the client does not pay, of course)


So, in the little time we have for relaxing; why not turn our job into a spot of leisure?

That is the question that is censored by many people, unthinkable for many others, but always desired by all. In twenty years of experience, I haven’t met a single gentleman who has thought otherwise. Making use of the services of an escort from a good, serious and prestigious agency is healthy, fun and very convenient, not to mention such vitally important issues as discretion, reliability and the medical checks that go with it.


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We demand the same as we offer: to accompany them in a way that has been agreed, that is healthy, fun and free of coercion. We are free to ask and give what we feel like doing.

Barcelona is one of those cities that offer lots of places where you can meet people, but you have to know them, go with the flow and be receptive.


All of the ladies set out clearly the types of services they are willing to offer. Being ​​accompanied by a mature, young or middle-aged escort brings an added value to attending fairs in Barcelona.

We are becoming more and more accustomed to making life simple and comfortable in all areas: work, family, social, emotional and that’s what gave rise to the great idea of ​​being a companion at fairs when visiting Barcelona, so that it’s all easier and more fun for us.


You can call and make your reservation in advance by email to guarantee your companion and the time available. Nonetheless, you can also send us a Whatsapp to get to know us beforehand. We are always ready to be the best choice and make sure that what we offer is the best match for the client.


We are pioneers in offering services that allow us to love one another as much and in whatever way we like, without commitment and protected by the freedom that age and knowledge offers us.

Love, desire, be free and decide the hours, the days, or the minutes you want to share with someone you may have just met and it might last for a while, or just remain a nice love story at a fair in Barcelona

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