I love my body

A relaxed life without physical activity in which our body spends time without exercising its muscles is very likely to prove unattractive both to men and women.

This is the subject that I would like to share with you today, without forgetting the consequences that a sedentary life also has on our health.

Sport helps to improve the mobility of the joints, obesity, physical disabilities, heart conditions, not feeling well in general and low self-esteem.

Our heart becomes stronger, there is a big increase in serotonin and dopamine, helping us to disconnect as well as reducing stress: believe me, you will be happier.



For all these reasons, doing sport is recommended.

As an escort, on this occasion I am focusing on the results that it brings me on both the level of my appearance and of course the physical one.

There are many sports that help you to achieve the body you dream of if you practice them regularly and with intensity, but for me, the fastest and best one is CrossFit.

This is the best link for you to find out more about it and where it is as well as assess the positive, valuable changes that your body can achieve.


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They are the best ones in Barcelona, and they will make you feel very welcome. They can even personalise your training according to your requirements.

According to science it is a high-intensity sport that burns calories and lots of fat and builds muscle. It could be said that currently it is the most popular physical training in society thanks to its big, fast results.

What does this sport do for you?

What Crossfit does goes beyond building up muscles. It offers women everything they most want and look for to achieve a well-defined body shape, in a healthy and functional way of course.

For me, an important factor was the mindset that it offers you in terms of pushing your limits and motivating you. The exercises stimulate all the activities we do during our daily routine. They also change every day so that both mind and body do not get used to them and they are able to work each and every part of the body that you want to.

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 It is a very complete workout because it combines strength, stamina, balance and cardio workout, which means that it is possible to lose weight quickly than with any diet that you have followed before and define your body in a really healthy way.

Lots of studies have shown that training with free weights gives better results when it comes to losing weight, gaining strength and defining musculature: Exactly what we all want.

I recommend it to you: you will gain strength, reduce coronary risks, get better shaped legs, the comparability and, what is more, it will help you to stop the loss of calcium that affects women as they grow older.

I recommend you to drop in at CrossFit so that you can consult a trainer about what concerns you and what you want to achieve, lose weight, improve muscle definition, correct postures etc. he will know how to prepare for you the ideal routine or put you in the most suitable team as well as how to follow the most suitable diet.

It is quite a challenge, very dynamic and best of all: “the results are worthwhile.”

Don’t forget that the CrossFit community tend to have a deeply rooted sense of companionship which means that if you are feeling a bit low or lacking in energy they themselves will motivate you in trying to achieve the body you want.

Crossfit makes practising sport more interesting thanks to the challenges and goals that it sets you to achieve and overcome every day.

Take care of your mind and they will help you to take care of your body.




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