New book with the lady

The new term has started at University and with it young ladies move to our city of Barcelona.

Those that were here over the winter renew their photo albums in order to update their image and make their photos as accurate as possible with respect to their physical appearance. For this reason, we are beginning to prepare a session.

Those who are starting from zero are a bit more complicated because they feel scared and ashamed that they will be revealed if they pose. However, after a few minutes they relax and everything flows.

For barcelonaescorts it is very important to keep updating the album because we always want to give our clients what is best and most accurate. We admit that it is not easy to have a catalogue like ours because not all of the girls present a profile, but with the experience we have gained we build up our resources and in the end achieve our objective: “to present the best image possible without deceiving anyone.”

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Today it is the turn of the young lady, Katy.

She is pretty and young (the youngest in the agency), happy and very shy but really eager to start working, making some money to finish her degree and leaving this business behind; that’s how clearly this beautiful young lady sees it.

Let’s visit the agency’s studio, pick her up from home and set out to pick up her clothing and everything that is necessary to make an album for her that reflects the real beauty she possesses.

Photos do not always come out showing the girl as she really is because nervousness and shyness prevents them from posing naturally. Remember that a photograph captures a particular moment, but the feeling never appears. We try to do it over and over again until getting what we set out to achieve, but we can assure you that they are always better in person because their character and spontaneity can be clearly seen in person in the moment the meeting takes place.

Katy is particularly affectionate and straightforward; she does not set out to look like a model or a spectacularly tall escort; she just wants to be chosen because she is a natural, pretty girl who may lack experience but who possesses exquisite manners. They are virtues that few girls manage to possess; what is more, they possess them when they start out in the profession but over the years they steadily lose them. Unfortunately, men are largely to blame for it.

We want to assure you that the photography session is done individually so that the young lady can express herself freely without comparing herself to anyone and so that we can devote ourselves exclusively to her photo book. Like this, you will be able to get a really accurate impression in each and every one of our photos.


Katy moves around, looks beautiful, lets herself go at each moment and tries to give her best in each pose. She does it really well because her intention and predisposition make her stand out as truly committed.

We know that you are going to get a really clear idea of what she is like. We hope that everyone likes her photos: enjoy them.

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