Nymphomania: Is my girlfriend a nymphomaniac?

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An escort who is a sex nymphomaniac should always be dealt with by specialists.

Far from being a problem with pejorative connotations or regarding it in a distorted way, it has become a subject for clinical treatment known as hyper-sexuality.

When does a desire become an illness?

Someone has to place a limit on the libido and its frequency, and as far as I’m concerned I do not believe that anybody has that ability or can assess it exactly; all of us feel desire at different times and to a greater or lesser degree. The only thing that is clear is that what is behind the sexual drive, given the fact that it is repeated so often, are testosterone and estradiol.

The causes can be either psychological or biological. In the latter case, owing to very serious causes that arise from damage to the brain; it is a very serious subject. In the event of psychological causes, it is the constant search to be appreciated, loved, valued that leads them to the constant need to have sex to manifest their emotional needs, something that makes them feel frustrated and increases purely physical sexual desire: it is a vicious circle in which addiction is clearly the main driver.

To sum up, it is a reaction to fill the gap in their self-esteem and affection.



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Key signs that will allow you to see whether your partner is a nymphomaniac: take note of their uncontrollable sexual desires, wherever and however they are, including their exaggerated interest in pornography or masturbation.

They tend to feel bad and guilty after having their genitals stimulated.

They never feel happy or satisfied when it happens; quite the opposite, a sense of emptiness and guilt overcomes them for a time leading them to want to do it again in order to try and fill it with pleasure. They always end up feeling sorry for doing it.

They do not mind suggesting the possibility of swapping partners or even having sex with strangers without you even finding out, but the rumours will reach you.

While you are being intimate they tend to show neurotic instincts, feel uncomfortable and even disagree with things that do not have anything to do with what you are experiencing at that moment since concentration does not exist for them.

Do not forget that it is an obsessive form of behaviour, not remotely a conscious one.

People like that, sex is a form of escaping from their problems of feeling lonely, depression and anxiousness and that is why they do not even have orgasms, which is why they are so keen to have sex again owing to a great dissatisfaction that, on the other hand, is never satisfied.


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You should always be aware that we must go to see a medical sexologist as soon as you realise that you are hyper-sexual.

Specialists like that are the ones who can best assess you.

After that, you will be able to channel that excessive energy that produces nymphomania under the guidance of someone who can help you in the form of exercises and activities.

Let’s not forget that it means you are bursting with energy.

They will be prepared to treat you with medications, whether for anxiety or depression, that will balance your level of serotonin.

Cognitive therapy is a good tool in these cases and its infallible results are well demonstrated psychologically.

Hypnosis is very good in the event that the person who is affected has suffered traumas when they were young, abuse or problems related to affection during their adolescence since by means of this technique the route of the disorder and the main sense of lacking can be traced to the subconscious.

It is important to point out that when it comes to sexuality there are no standards or limits; everything is valid as long as it is based on respect and whatever has been agreed by the people taking part.

Enjoy it and if you don’t manage to do so yourself in the hands of specialists that will help you to do so.






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