Oral Sex

It is really important for men, but in the end, it is not so for women, who prefer all of the previous steps that foreplay includes all over the body.

There is no man on earth that has not fantasized about oral sex and the pleasure it gives before having sex. Communication is key to knowing how well the act of sex is going, but in oral sex, the breathing is the basic key. That’s in addition to the moans that give us an idea of where we should continue or, on the contrary, stop and perhaps not even touch again. Do you know how to do it right?

Tact, contact and explore.

Barcelonaescorts gives you the guidelines, but better still, it facilitates you, making available to you everything you need to learn and to successfully practice such a hotly desired art in the world of sex.

Oral Sex
Oral Sex
24 years

Oral Sex
Oral Sex
25 years

Oral Sex
Oral Sex
21 years

Oral Sex
Oral Sex
28 years




The look: if you are a man, it will come naturally to you. It is very exciting for both because it’s nice to see how excited the woman gets and, for the woman, because looking into a man’s eyes lets her know that the level of excitement is rising to a crescendo. Some even come and prefer to ejaculate by oral sex alone.

In our agency, it is vital to request the type of oral sex you want, with or without a condom, since not all girls do it the same way and we would not want to end up having a bad experience.

Women’s sensitivity varies a lot. Be very aware while licking the outer lips and then the inner ones so that you will see where her most sensitive side is, but never stop with your fingers; you can do both at once, meaning that she is sure to reach a climax. Never bite, however softly it might appear and watch out for your beard: not all women like it.

There are recent studies that claim that men are much more and better connected to their sexuality and that is why they need less time to feel pleasure and you can even go straight to touching their genitals without the beloved foreplay that women want and need so much.

And don’t forget about stimulating the testicles; everyone loves the pleasure of having their genitals stimulated. The penis does not have to be erect: it can be licked while it is resting and it won’t take long to respond.

When you change your mouth’s rhythm, they can find it agonizing in an exciting way: go faster to reduce pressure and vice versa. Change rhythms.

We have to say that, when it comes to oral sex, we have several expert girls in our agency: if you are interested, you can find out.

Why is oral sex good?

It is a perfect medication to relieve headache and depression. On ejaculating, a great deal of oxytocin is released, improving your mood, cardiovascular function and making it excellent for anti-aging.

The fact that semen contains cortisol makes it a good antidote against bad moods, and improving one’s overall mood and humour. What is more, it also has three excellent strong components for depressives: melatonin, thyrotropin and serotonin.

These form part of the virtues that make it healthy; always of course, with the necessary precautions since sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis and the most common one, human papilloma, are just as prevalent with this practice. Being well informed is the best precaution you can take.

In our agency, we are experts in oral sex, but we have to provide all kinds of information about oral sex so that, like this, we become more aware about hygiene.

  • You can get cancer of the palate, tongue or throat because of the easiest of infections: human papilloma.
  • A woman’s moods improve a lot; it makes them happier and their adrenaline goes up.
  • According to a recent study, it prevents preeclampsia: a pregnant woman can avoid or relieve morning sickness, even more so if she swallows the semen.
  • Oral sex prevents infidelity because men who have oral sex are more in a more relaxed mood and women are more satisfied.

The presence of bad odours emanating from one’s lower regions can lead to being rejected. If you do not want this to happen, invite your partner to take a shower with you, do it as a part of the run-up to having sex: it may leave you calmer and more satisfied and guarantee that there are no unwanted odours.

Taking a shower is one of the erotic acts that very few people take into account. However, it gives the best results, even when it comes to reaching a climax. Despite that, here at barcelonaescorts we recommend you finish off while lying horizontal in order to prevent the risk of falling, since water and soap don’t exactly guarantee safety when you are trying to keep your balance.

Practice oral sex any way you like, but keep doing new things and always do things that make you remember that moment as something unique. Be the best because it can be something that is much harder to forget than a run-of-the-mill screw.





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