Pansexuality; Sexual orientation or VICE

Pansexuality is a way of defining people who feel attracted to all kinds of people regardless of their gender, men, women, transvestites…. It is also known as tri-sexuality.

Up until now sexual orientation was defined solely as heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual.

In the past you were condemned to live according to the sex with which you were born; you could only love or feel attracted by the opposite sex for your entire life.

However, as society has evolved other sexual possibilities have been opened up including the most recent one known as pansexuality. Now we can say that sexuality is more flexible.

It could be said that it is the freest and most fundamental way for human beings to relate to one another and love one another, without prejudices or moral restrictions.

Having said that, it is necessary to clarify the word itself so as not to confuse ourselves. All pansexuals are bisexual, but not all bisexuals are necessarily pansexual.

Although many people think that bisexuality is the same thing, it is not true at all: bisexuals define sex by gender whether it’s a man or a woman; for them associating sex with a gender is fundamental and, consequently, their attraction towards them.

A pansexual person does not take into account neither the other person’s gender nor how they act nor their attitude; they are guided solely and exclusively by their emotions and how they feel about the human being. It is as romantic as it is revolutionary.

It is not a trend that is easy to communicate or to express because many people do not even recognise it in themselves, even when they are. On the other hand, modern society simply regards it as a trend that wants to be seen and seek attention.

Currently, little is known about it except for a number of statements made by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie and Madonna, who have declared themselves to identify with this way of loving. Characters who have always been involved in controversies as a result of their sexual preferences.



Freud gave it some thought at the time: “the majority of forms of human behaviour are derived from their feelings directly related to sexuality.”

Ultimately, they are people who do not define themselves as either men or women and nor do they need the people they feel sexually attracted to to do the same; it is as straightforward as looking for the emotional, racial, intellectual or moral values with which they are able to feel pleasure and enjoy them: gender doesn’t come into it.

Free love.


The word ‘pan’ in itself is a Greek neologism meaning all + sexuality.

It is the widest, freest and most open version of love and sex among human beings whether they are gays, heterosexuals or transsexual homosexuals; their sexual inclination is irrelevant: what matters this is the attraction they feel for the other person.

With the best intentions of promoting awareness and raising visibility for this community they created their own flag. It is made up of easily identified three colours in horizontal strips: pink to represent those who are female, yellow to represent all genders regardless of male and female gender and blue for male.


In the end, when it comes to sex, anything goes if it’s done in a free and voluntary way, always respecting the other person’s sexual proclivities.

There will be varieties and colours for all tastes. Have fun, enjoy your sexuality and if you feel like it, try things out, experiment and let yourself be surprised.

Will it be a passing phase that is a publicity stunt or will it really be another aspect of sexuality and open minds?







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