Pleasure for a man

Don’t hold back and ruin one of the most special, pleasurable moments that a human being can have; that of a sexual relationship. Make love to a man and leave your mark on him so that he will never ever forget it. Really good sex is the kind of memory that lasts forever.



One key point in ensuring that a relationship does not break down and continues to function in harmony is for things to go well and to understand one another in bed. We all like it when our partner understands our body, knowing what really turns us on just as they love being taken to the edge, reaching the maximum pleasure possible.

Many couples make the mistake of thinking that, when it comes to men’s pleasure, the only part body is the penis, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Very often an erection confuses us, preventing us from thinking about the whole range of sensations that can make our companion experience pleasure.

Experiment, ask questions, don’t be bored, try out different positions and offer them something new, do some research in books, on the Internet, at the cinema…

For both men and women for the preliminary steps are important if they are to reach a climax, but in this article especially I want to help you ensure that it is the man who is the one who benefits.





The first phase in becoming excited begins with the lips, exchanging kisses, nibbling one another in a sensual way, tongues touching… All of this makes the excitement become unstoppable and we realise that things are going further in an unstoppable way.

A nice affectionate kiss inspires confidence and passion: it’s a good start.

One perceptual organ that is particularly sensitive on account of all the nerve endings is the ears. Lick the earlobe, stroke it with your fingers and even whisper something that you know they like to hear. You can also murmur or suggest something unusual.

Continuing along the path of pleasure takes us to the neck. Pass your tongue over it in a way that is slow and enjoyable, without biting it, but showing that you feel desire and excitement. They will absolutely love it.

Pay attention to every detail, observes his face, his movements; it will all help you to know what it is that gives most pleasure to him.

The chest: just like us, the chest of many men is highly sensitive. Pass your tongue over it and even try out nibbling the nipples in a way that is delicate but intense. Suck them and take your time in discovering an erogenous zone that often goes unnoticed by many women.

Now it’s time to come into contact with the key point of male pleasure: the penis.

The glans, the head of the penis, is the erogenous zone par excellence. You can pass your tongue over it slowly and then speed up the movement without hurrying, but without stopping, and move your hand up and down penis the same time.

The increase in blood flow is particularly noteworthy at the base of the penis and that is why you should not forget to move your fingers in the form of a ring, licking the trunk with your tongue. You will see him writhing with pleasure. Going from the base up along the main stem to finish by lightly sucking on the glans is the perfect path.

Combining everything is unimaginably pleasurable, but don’t forget the testicles, which almost always go unnoticed. Perhaps this is where the fingers play a more pleasurable role, but combining them with the tongue will allow you to take him to seventh heaven.

Everyone has a different way of experiencing these combinations of pleasure; find out, don’t be shy, try, seek out and observe each movement. Don’t limit yourself. Exploring like this will allow you to find out how best to turn your partner on.

Some men are reticent when it comes to experimenting with that part of the male body known as the G spot, the anus, the prostate. Try to get him over on your side at the beginning by daring to do it with your tongue and little by little making him feel confident enough to go along with it so that you can experiment with your fingertip, moving it in a circular fashion slowly and softly. And let’s not forget the perineum between the testicles and the anus.

Many men hold prejudices about their masculinity, preferring not to be touched in this area. If that’s how your partner feels, don’t insist; carry on somewhere else and enjoy it.



Remember that there is no better way to awaken desire and pleasure than a woman who loves herself, one who has great self-esteem, who is creative and not remotely boring. You are bound to triumph; you are going to take the world by storm…….


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