Saint Valentine’s Day ???

Have you ever had that feeling that you are intoxicated, you get a rush or that you’re unable to do anything when you sense someone close by or simply see them pass by? Well, if so, then you already

know what it’s like to be in love or feel a sudden passion. How long it lasted or what happened is another question entirely.

You’ve already experienced love at first sight. A large amount of oxytocin is released in your body, your hands sweat, you feel more nervous than normal and your blood pressure goes up: they are all part of the physical sensations

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Now you’ve got everything it takes to belong to consumerist St. Valentine’s Day: you’re walking a fine lin There are two questions to ask yourself: one is – am I really with

the person that I want to be with the rest of my life? And that is where St. Valentine’s Day is really genuine, it works as a catalyst, it’s the classic day when, if you’re in a crisis, you’ve

already blown it, and, if you’re very happy, then you’re already getting into consumption and that, when it comes down to it, is

what it’s all about.

The other question would be: why is there no-one beside me, what is it that is not working in my life that leads to me being


Well then, perhaps the answer is that you are very intelligent and demanding and that makes you a difficult catch in this field. In both cases, be self-confident and take into account that what is really important is to not get stuck in your comfort zone and to follow the path that your heart shows you without it having to be the one that the calendar sets out for you.

This day’s present isn’t entirely altruistic; it’s an act of vanity. Men feel obliged to give a present, but the truth is they’re thinking about themselves. They give you lingerie thinking about

the moment when they’ll see it on a woman’s body. On very few occasions, for example, will they give you things to enjoy with your friends when you’re with them alone or going out with them on a girl’s night: they all expect something in return.

Hasn’t society done a great job of setting it up like this – it’s like the Saturday night effect: if you don’t have a plan, any company or some prey for that day then you’re a failure. Let’s not deceive ourselves: St. Valentine’s Day is the great corruptor of small details with love, with pleasure and sensitivity, it’s a day of

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We don’t need social pressures to tell us how our life in a relationship or without one is doing, so there’s no need to take it too seriously; it’s a day exactly like all the rest and building

up different expectations can end up in you having a bad day.

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