Seducing with your voice: the importance of having a seductive voice

Flirting seductively is a vital part of relationships. The smile, body language and the way you look at someone are all sensual signals that enable us to feel and receive more sexual desire, but it has been shown that the voice is even more important than these forms of expression when it comes to attracting someone’s attention and encouraging feelings.

When we like someone we make changes to our voice as part of flirting without knowing it. Seduction makes it sweeter, more variable and it may even may begin to falter. On the other hand, when you don’t feel any attraction, the tone of your voice becomes lower and deeper.

In other words, we modulate our voice to show that we are interested, to appear more attractive or even more interesting.

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The dilemma for men occurs when they send the wrong message via their tone of voice because they can express aggression when they want to seem extremely masculine by lowering their voice. Control of complexity and difference.

It is well known that the content of what we say is less important than the way we say it and the tone with which we say it.

The tone of voice can even be more important than body language.

If we wish to come across as more attractive to the other person, it helps to remember the speed and intensity and a series of very important factors. Like this, we can emphasise what we want to get across to the person who is listening.

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Perhaps this is already well known, but few people can say the same thing about the sensual attractiveness of the voice towards sexual desire.

A study conducted by a well known London university reached the conclusion that through the voice it was possible to determine someone’s size, their happiness, their friendliness and sensitivity. Voices with more tone were happiest while bigger people had a rougher, more intense voice and tended to be surlier.


Men and women tend to have completely different tastes when it comes to relying on the voice to guide us.

In general, men tend to get more turned on by a female voice that is unhurried, high and measured. This is because it tends to correspond to smaller bodies and warmer personalities. On the other hand, women feel more attracted by deep voices that do not falter, by deeper tones that generally indicate bigger-bodied men.

I have reached the conclusion that, deep down, we are animals and, as such, to a certain extent we communicate and attract others on a sexual level by means of the tone of voice.

Any scientific research can support this theory. Something really curious is the influence of the menstrual cycle on the female voice; it changes according to the point of the ovulation cycle at which they are at any given moment. At the ideal moment for becoming pregnant, their voice becomes higher. We are similar to animals even in such tiny details.

Among the multiple elements that make women and men different are the voice, the character and physique. In general, men fall in love on a visual basis while women tend to go by character, which is directly linked to a good conversation. Being a good conversationalist makes people fall in love. For this reason, there is no doubt at all that men and women are not different in this respect: there is nothing nicer than a conversation with the right, warm tone of voice.


The voice and conversation are key elements in falling in and out of love. I’m neither the first or last person to have met someone really stunning only to find that they are a pedantic person who cannot hold a conversation. It’s enough to make you fall out of love.

A nice song about the voice and what it transmits emotionally:



Enjoy and caress someone’s soul with a simple whisper.

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