1) Define yourself in the best and broadest way possible.

-My name is Blanca. The fact that I am only 20 is nothing compared to everything that I can offer you.

I consider myself to be a very active person in all aspects. I am bored by mundane things; I need to be dynamic, in constant movement, adventurous.

My ladylike manners will ensure you enjoy an unforgettable evening during which I will manage to seduce you with my elegance so that we both end up giving our very best to one another.

I love travelling, seeing the world and different cultures. I am constantly learning and I would love to learn from you if you take a liking to me.

I really devote myself to taking care of my body, but I also develop my mind on a daily basis.

Even though I study and work, I will always make time for you.



2) Favourite places to go out in Barcelona

I’m a great dancer, so let’s have a drink and let ourselves be carried away by the music after an exquisite dinner and a glass of white wine or nice chilled champagne.

I am a follower of fashion and I’m pretty good at giving advice according to your body shape.

3) Do you perform this kind of service freely, without being forced to? Convince us.

Of course. I am one of those people who believe that you have to try everything before you can judge.

I’m a passionate and sexy young lady and, as I told you before, I’m very active.

To be independent nowadays, what better way is there than something extra that you can do at the same time as managing your day-to-day routine, above all if you like doing it.

4) What kind of clothes do you prefer to wear both during the day and at night?

In this respect, I am multifaceted. I love dressing casually but even so, correctly, in keeping with the situation in which you find yourself. I often wear a pair of trousers accompanied by stiletto heels; they emphasise my well-muscled legs and I feel very feminine.



That does not mean that I do not like wearing a tight-fitting dress wrapped around my figure that makes my companion feel he’s a lucky man.

5) I prefer a client who offers..

Confidence, above all. A man who is sure of himself makes those around him feel confident. I want to accompany a gentleman in all sorts of surroundings, depending on what he is looking for.

6) Kinds of sports and hobbies.

I used to play tennis professionally and I combine it with skiing, both on snow and on the water.

In the event that it is not possible to make time enough for those things, I get up very early every morning to go to the gym.

7) What is the best thing you are able to offer clients?

Feeling comfortable: my nice, friendly personality will allow you to feel really at ease. On top of all that, I am still a young girl that you can laugh and have a nice time with.

I do not want you to waste your time. If pleasure is simply all that you are looking for, I am ready to take care of all your needs. I promise you that I will be up to it and we will have a great time.



8) Why should they choose you and not other escorts?

All of us young ladies at this agency are equally qualified to satisfy you.

I believe that, if what you are looking for is something “extra “in all senses, then I am the right one.
You will come back again: the important thing is not that you come; it is that you come back for me.

Blanca is my name.






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