Selfie Julia

Selfie Julia

1) Define yourself the best and broadest possible way you are


My name is Giulia , sure i’am only 22 years old , it doesn’t mean i can’t offer you what you looking for. I am really passionate girl and ambitious.I consider myself to be attractive as a women ,a good listener and even a better company.

I like good wine and food . Also sport and fashion.I also  love traveling , and seeing the world. I love leaning new things  all the time.

I can always make time for you , when you need it.

2) Favorite places to go in Barcelona

My favorite places in Barcelona are mostly the one , that you can sit and relax and enjoy good wine.

Also if you would like to go dancing , i know the good clubs , where we can enjoy our night.

I love Fashion and shopping , i will a great eye to see wish things actually matches you best.


Selfie JuliaJulia

3)  You make these services freely, without coercion? ( convince to us )


Yes of course, i do this services of free form , i’am doing this work because , i like to live hight standard and enjoying my life , by doing everything i want.

I’m the kind of person , that love enjoying life and making the best of it, it’s also mean that in life , you need to try everything , before you can judge .


4)  Type of clothing who you prefer  for  the day and also for night


In the daily time , i love dressing casually , example i will be wearing a pair  of jeans , with a nice top and a nice jacket , even it’s day time, i always need to look good in the mirror before leaving the home.

At night , i like to look really attractive and elegant , to feel sexy and self-confident.


5) I prefer the customer offering…

I prefer the customer, that  of course provide safety , confidence

I love when the man is sure about himself , it makes him more interesting , to know him better and to make him enjoy his time with me. .

6) Type Sports and hobbies

I love going to the gym ,  to keep my body looking good .

Also i enjoy watching football , i use to play when i was younger , but now i only follow it. You will be sup rice how much i actually know about it .


7)What it is the best you know and offer your customers

I’am the kind of person , that goes with the situation, first thing i will get you to be comfortable with me . I’am nice by nature , and really friendly , i ’ll do by best for you can relax and enjoy your time . we can laugh together and enjoy each other company.

It’s important , that i offer you what your actually  looking for , and treat you so good , that  you will come back , but not for an other escort  , you will be back to see me .

Selfie Julia

8) Why  should choose you and not another escorts?

I’am unique as a women , you wont be able to find the same like me , i know what i want and what I’m capable to offer and i can make sure that you didn’t came here to wast your time.





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