My selfie and presentation

My selfie and presentation

My selfie and presentationHello my name is Sofía


I am a very simple and calm, polite girl and in spite of being able to be, I like to take care, to play sports and to dress to the mode, speak perfectly Catalan, spanish and English high level and French average level, nowadays I work as professional model and am dealing university studies of marketing, I like to travel, the mode and the photography.


My favorite places in Barcelona


My favorite hotels are a Hotel Arts, Oriental Mandarin and he marries Fuster, my favorite restaurant Botafumeiro, I like the elegant sites.

You do this type of services of free form, without constraint ¿? (Convince us)

Certainly if, I go already some time working like escort, I have worked with some agencies and as independently, nowadays only I work with the best agency for discretion, for seriousness, prestige and because I have met several not very correct agencies or in that I have given myself of fall and they do not withdraw my photographies or for problematic clients send me, it pleases me that the treatment with the agency always is cordial on both parts and always with total sincerity with regard to the clients and services, I prefer few clients but of quality.

Type of wardrobe that you prefer and so much by day and by night

By day slightly chance but to the mode and by night a sensual and elegant garment.

I can dress according to your tastes, and enjoy together…jajajjajajajj

I prefer the client who offers…….

I prefer the clients of two hours or mas, since there is mas chemistry on both parts and we can know little mas, my ideal client is educated, nicely and the whole gentleman.

Type of sports and interests

I go to the gymnasium two or three times per week and in my free time I like to mount astride or to ski

What is the better thing that you know and offer to your clients

For my being escort is not an alone sex, obviously the sex is important, but for my experience that the majority of clients who search escorts high-level value very much the discretion, the elegance, and the power to support a conversation, or to go out to have dinner, important mas is the treatment and to do that the client sits down to taste and happen awhile agreeably

Why must they to you choose you and not to another escort???

In my case, I try to offer a not professional treatment, for example I try of girlfriend, lover, friend … and that the meeting is natural possible mas. I am very elegant, and any type of conversation to be kept, am young, attractive, polite and sensual, an attempt that the this comfortable client with me, amuses himself and has a satisfactory experience My selfie and presentation


I WILL BE A PLEASURE TO KNOW YOURSELF, My tlf 0034-620 28 29 23






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