Services for couples

Much is said about men who seek the company of paid sex workers, escorts, but nothing about those couples who decide to seek their services for their mutual pleasure.

There is not one person who gives orders or decides what to do or not do; it’s simply a three-sided relationship in which all three come out winning and one where, judging by all the opinions of our clients, the couple comes out strengthened.

It may be said of this particular service that most of the girls offer it without any kind of complication or taboos; there is nothing extra in it, it’s playful and each one of the three involved does what they feel like without offending or obliging anyone. It’s a way for couples to live out the fantasies that most benefit them and it’s becoming more and more popular.

Barcelonaescorts invites you to reignite your sex life by doing something new to rekindle the flame of sensuality and love. Like this, you can avoid falling into a routine of obligation and little imagination; that’s where we take part with all our affection, respect and pleasure.

Services for couples
Services for couples
23 years

Services for couples
Services for couples
25 years

Services for couples
Services for couples
29 years

Services for couples
Services for couples
27 years




We suggest some variations for you to try out. Call us and tell us which one you would like and with which girl so that we can inform and advise you about understanding change as a progressive evolution as a couple.

Oral sex is a preliminary step without a doubt, but there are many ways of doing it and not all of them are equally pleasurable, not to mention less exciting. Our ranking given our long experience over the last 20 years is the following:

Get used to both fellatio and cunnilingus. Let your imagination run wild and do away with any kind of taboo.

Oral sex is accepted as fundamental and inevitable in all relationships as foreplay prior to penetration. Well then, we have various ways of doing it.

1- Mirroring: standing in front of their partner, one person stimulates the other with all kinds of looks, caresses and kisses, feeling and touching their skin without doing anything else. It’s very erotic starting like this.

2- Blindfolded: one partner wears a blindfold. It’s a very satisfying and stimulating game owing to the fact that because one person cannot see, their other senses such as vision and tact are stimulated more.

3- Massage: use essential oils or special ones to relax your partner and prepare the body to be receptive (you can take turns). Sensuality is part of more complete pleasure.

4- Porn movies: take turns at taking the roles of characters, play at doing the same, test yourselves with what you see and are capable of repeating: dare yourselves.

5- Playing dice: there is not much to say or experience, the photo that emerges is the one exchanging places with your partner.

Get out of bed, have yourselves a shower, play roles, wear a disguise, find somewhere new … we have 1,000 possibilities to get the blood running and the first one to come loses.

Escorts are true professionals in sex and all you have to do is have a quick chat with your companion to know where you need to take the relationship. Nonetheless, when it comes to couples, it takes a bit more time given feminine sensibility and the unknown factor among all three people. Even so, expectations are always met.

If you are having a couple crisis, you are going through a tense time, or you simply wish  to spice up your love life, don’t hesitate to call us to let us know what you want to do. Based on the outcome you tell us, we plan out the journey, putting the two of you in the main role. A daylong lesson in love is something you will learn from for a long time. It’s a lesson like getting your driving licence or any other kind of apprenticeship that requires a third person, in this case, experts at sex.

From time to time, we have come across couples who are divided about the format of the service. At others, the couple is rejected. On such occasions, we resolve what led to it and agree a solution. Many couples wish to do it, but they are afraid to destabilize their relationship or lose their bonds of affection because they feel betrayed having sex with a third person. This is just the result of the unknown and society’s prejudices.

To avoid this kind of situation, we include a time for all three to have a drink so they can talk about their concerns and fantasies. Drawing on all our experience, we quickly work out what has to be avoided so that nobody feels uncomfortable with the experience.

We can’t let sex become a burden on a relationship because even though its importance to the couple is real, it is also true that 80% of what goes wrong in sexual relationships is multiplied in side effects.

The long years spent as a couple are the worst enemy of desire and of the need for freshness. That is why it is worthwhile getting out of the safety zone. Over the years, it is almost impossible for a monogamous couple to survive, which is why it is necessary to involve games, other people, devices and new places if they are to survive without falling into tedium.





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