Our agency offers high-class services just like many hundreds of other agencies, but the main difference and the reason why you should choose our Barcelona Escorts Agency is QUALITY. We are very demanding when it comes to casting, we make great efforts to have exactly what the client asks for, and we guarantee both the highest level of client to our callgirls and the same exacting level of escort to the client who wants the best and safest.

Finding an escorting and sexual service with the perfect balance of discretion, elegance, sexiness, friendliness matched with a serious approach to the work is what we do on a daily basis thanks to our rigorous, hygienic and special way of casting escorts. The girls have to pass it before they can form part of our company. We often come across young ladies that are offering unhygienic or unhealthy services. Despite their beauty we immediately reject them because that’s what we believe the client himself would do. The most commonly requested service is that of the GFE. You have come to the perfect agency: all the escorts are friendly and warm-hearted young ladies.





















Hygiene and health, along with a serious approach to work and discretion are basic requirements for us..

Escorting and sexual fantasies in Barcelona

For our agency the GFE service comes first. Although it is true that sexual stimulation and commitment is very important, we also know that many of you are interested in it for social reasons such as accompanying you to a trade fair, to a party or simply to be accompanied by an attractive young lady because you want affection at times when you feel lonely. That is why we are very demanding with our attractive young ladies and particularly so when it comes to this special kind of service

On some occasions you have asked us for someone to accompany you to an ex-alumni dinner so that it is not patently obvious that you are single or even to hide the fact that you are homosexual. The high level of education, the good manners and the ability of the escorts is basic if this kind of service is to be perfect. Don’t worry; WE UNDERSTAND what you are requesting and recommend you to call (+34) 620 282 923 or using our contact form.


Kisses: Kisses are the best way to show sensuality and arouse excitement. You should never kiss in a hurried way, but rather build up slowly to get the imagination going.

Anal sex: In Spanish we use an ancient Greek term to describe anal sex, we call it Griego. Delicacy and tact are the keys to anal sex.

Threesomes: Moving in harmony, subtlety and understanding chemistry between people are the keys to having a successful threesome.

Oral sex: Oral sex without a condom is all about guaranteeing that the man enjoys the greatest pleasure possible without any restrictions.

Oral sex until orgasm: Coming in someone’s mouth carries a high risk of sexual disease and that is why it is not recommended among professionals who work in the sex industry.

Lesbian: Women have the ability to have multiple orgasms and that is why sexual relations between them are longer lasting. However, it is also something that appeals a great deal to the imagination of curious heterosexuals.

Travel: As seen in many movies we travel to accompany a man and to satisfy his sexual desires and/or moments when he feels lonely or needs company in a social setting.

City guide: Visiting the best shops, the best restaurants or even walking around the city on foot is so much more enjoyable with a pretty, friendly, well educated and beautiful young lady at your side.

Special events: Are you going to a wedding or perhaps a dinner where you do not feel like giving explanations about why you are a bachelor or what your sexual orientation is?? Call us and we will be your ideal wife, partner or friend: discretion and savoir faire.

Special rates for extended periods: If you want to spend a few days or perhaps go on a long journey we can arrange rates that will suit both parties, we can always come to an arrangement better than you can find on the website.


You can visit the section where you will find the escorts, luxury girls and young ladies that you like most. With each one of them, you will be able to see the services that they offer.

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