Sex and the older woman

What man has never thought about what it would be like to have sex with an older woman? Sex between an older woman and a younger man has featured in many films over the years, including the recent Brazilian movie, Aquarius, and the French classic dating from 1999, Une liaison pornographique (An affair of Love). In today’s article, we will be looking at this question from the point of view of mature women themselves.

Nowadays, society is more and more obsessed with youth, sexiness and superficial beauty; the result is that the very real sexuality of older women is often overlooked. However, recent research into what has been a taboo subject up till now has found that many mature women see an increase in sexual desire, not a decrease. What is more, they know perfectly what they want in bed and are becoming more confident about letting their partners know that.

The research was done as part of a study at a leading university in Australia. Researchers at La Trobe University’s Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society state that their findings have proved that many of the common myths concerning sex and older women are no longer valid. In fact, many women are once again enthusiastic about their sexual desires, possessing an open mind when it comes to what makes for a happy and satisfying sex life. The study showed that many women’s appetite for sex and intimacy rises as they grow older, and this is the result of factors other than ageing. These include freedom from the pressures of bringing up a family, or paying off the mortgage.

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Additionally, many older women have a broad idea of what satisfies them, and want their partners to try out new things. In practice, this included having open relationships or engaging in casual sex, using all kinds of sex toys and aids, watching pornography that has been created with the needs of older women in mind, and being open to paying for sex from commercial sex workers.

Another important discovery that has emerged from the study is that older women frequently have contradictory feelings about their own sex appeal. Although many of the women interviewed for the study said that their bodies aren’t as attractive any more, and regret the fact that society at large does not promote images of older women as desirable, when they are actually having sex with a partner they feel sexy. In both short and long-term relationships, the way their body appears is no longer so important in making them feel wanted sexually. One woman summed it up when she said, “My body is older now, my skin is not as tight anymore and my breasts are not as pert as when I was young, but when I’m having sex with someone, or even just when I’m naked, the truth is I see myself as quite attractive and I get lots of pleasure from my body.”

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