Sex Fantasies

To sum up in a few words, I’d dare to say that fantasies are the muscle of desire. Fantasising is visualising in order to reach the goal.

Sex fantasies are an erotic resource just like a sex toy, a place, or a porn movie. It is especially important not to give them negative connotations.

Fantasising is a great way to enjoy yourself and its great advantage is that it is available to everyone. However, it can be a double-edged sword and become a bad experience because one thing is what your head wants or is curious about, while what you can bear at the moment of truth is quite another. offers you all the fantasies you have in mind and to leave doubts behind. We can offer you a new adventure and endless pleasure, breathe new life into you and make you more open to the world of sex thanks to attaining your own long cherished fantasies .

Sex Fantasies
Sex Fantasies
24 years

Sex Fantasies
Sex Fantasies
25 years

Sex Fantasies
Sex Fantasies
21 years

Sex Fantasies
Sex Fantasies
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Fantasising with absolute freedom and without being judged or creating expectations in another person; we make it very easy and, in the worst case, we teach you to improve in key areas that you may not know about.

We adapt to all tastes: for couples, in threesomes, with lesbians…just as long as everyone involved is in agreement and we enjoy it.

In many cases, fantasies are not the same when it comes to men or women. For example, we give you the guidelines we follow when it is a female fantasy:

Women love to add details and elements that make us more sensual: that’s the biggest difference. Each woman has her own, so this information is a guide, but never a manual.

  • Having sex with strangers during a wild night is one of those fantasies shared by most women,; somewhere far from your environment, in another country, with someone you do not see again.
  • Doing it somewhere risky, like a park, a parking lot, or, the most popular one of all, on a beach.
  • Lesbian relationships form part of our curiosity about the unknown and they tend to be common in women
  • One way of feeling more erotic is meeting up with your ex again; the fact that they are hot gets the passion going again and makes it horny.
  • Sex with your partner is the best aphrodisiac for women; they are less curious than men and less ashamed, so experimenting with your partner is the fantasy bar none

With men, the fear of not being up to size, shyness, rejection, or being judged means that, on the whole, they do not share their best fantasies with their partner, and this is where escorts come in.

We have everything required to be able to make them feel up to it and for women’s peace of mind. We can also make them fantasy experts and thus satisfy the latter.

  • The threesome, that famous, fantastic fantasy that very few people go without trying. Two women dedicated to pleasuring him…is exceptional.
  • When the woman takes the initiative, it gives an immediate boost to the relationship. They feel desired and it is sublimely exciting.
  • Recreating erotic scenes through porn movies; watching movies that turn you on together
  • Playing a role, whether it’s in costume or a kind of behaviour: dominant, submissive, sadist…
  • Seeing a woman turn herself on by masturbating in front of a man is something men love to imagine, which is why cybersex is so popular.
  • Anything goes, as long as it is a fact that we understand and agree that the only person who accepts relationships with fantasies is you, and the only purpose is to heighten one’s own pleasure. Do not confuse imagining something that turns you on with wanting to make it happen as fantasies–in many cases, it is not even suggested.

Don’t feel guilty about doing it or not doing it; the main thing is the freedom to do it with absolute freedom and desire.

Talking with your partner and discussing anything that distances you from sexual pleasure as well as whatever you would like to try out is very constructive. If both parties openly discuss what turns each one on, a sexual relationship is guaranteed.

Freud was wrong to say that women who fantasized sexually were unsatisfied; what a mistake, it is quite the opposite: the more satisfied you feel, the more you want to find out more and the more you fantasize about your body. What would be really bad would be if the fantasy itself did not resemble reality, but rather replaced it.

Fantasising  is very healthy and it begins with the brain; according to some recent studies you feel the same pleasure visualizing sex as actually having it. It is a very agile mental exercise that prepares you when the time comes, while at the same time allowing you to explore your fantasy and thus make it more successful.





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