Sexually transmitted diseases

We are going to make an effort to inform you about the most common diseases that can be transmitted through just a single sexual act.


The most common ones: STDS are increasingly prevalent all over the world, regardless of social status. All of them, with the exception of AIDS, which has no cure although in most cases sufferers do not die, CAN BE TREATED.

Despite there being some other ways such as blood transfusions and contaminated needles, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is usually transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse.

This virus is active in vaginal secretion and semen, which is why it is the main cause of infection.

The blood becomes infected through penetration as the result of an internal wound, making the infection irremediable.

It takes the organism about 6 months to develop the antibodies for the virus.

It may be one of the most feared viruses by anyone who is sexually active.

Currently, there have been many advances, but none of them can remove it and nor is there a vaccine. Antiviral therapy has advanced a lot, which is why life expectancy has increased since it is possible to keep it in check for many years.

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– Chlamydia infection.

Although it may show up by in urine and vaginal/urethral discharge, it is also true that this infection has no symptoms in most cases.

It is a dangerous disease and it frequently leads to cancer of the uterus. What is more, in the case of pregnant women, it can be transmitted to their children in childbirth, eventually causing eye problems or pneumonia.

If treated with antibiotics, it can easily disappear in a week.


– Genital herpes

A sexually transmitted viral infection, it leads to the appearance of a genital ulcer, redness in the genital area, sores or blisters.

Herpes appears clearly on the vulva and penis. It is painful and extremely contagious and it tends to reappear over the course of 5 years if it is not treated correctly, depending on factors that activate it such as the consumption of coffee, nuts, chocolate, as well as friction, menstruation or a common cold.

Treatment can reduce the virus within a period of 9 months since, at the beginning, viral discharges are on the rise. Those who suffer from this virus tend to think about how they have acted unwisely in their sexual relations. Colloquially speaking, we could say that not using protection is a form of punishment for being promiscuous. They experience depression and feelings of guilt and criticise themselves…

The worst thing about this virus is that you can have it and not know it, meaning that you can transmit it without having any symptoms. For that reason, it is very difficult to know who passed it on to you, in the event that you have had multiple sexual partners in the space of 5 years.

The best way to avoid this type of herpes is to use condoms regularly, as well as to use an antivirus that reduces the infection. Communication, respect and trust are the best antidotes when it comes to avoiding herpes. Although for many people it is a relatively insignificant inconvenience, this is a serious disease.

It is not advisable to have sex while suffering from herpes because the act itself can cause infection through friction.

You should also use a condom when having oral or anal sex. Keep in mind that infidelity is one of the main causes, but not the only one.

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