“Springtime moves the blood“

jubilados con amor primavera

We all know that vitamin D and the way that it increases the libido (with an increased level in testosterone) comes from light, sun and nothing quite makes this happen more than the springtime. The increase in daylight hours also leads to an increase in endorphins, your character becomes happier, you feel more upbeat, stress is relieved and the desire for sex grows.

Springtime does indeed lead to changes in sexual desire.Springtime moves the blood

“Springtime moves the blood“

1-the surge in vitality that oxytocin, dopamine and noradrenalin produce leads to an increase in our sense of well-being and fills us with energy.

2-light provides us with lots of vitamin D. With an increase in the hours of sunlight we take advantage of a greater quantity of such a powerful energy until the maximum level of testosterone is reached in August.

3-sport is very important for sexual hormones; it helps to make them fully available to us. When the days grow longer it makes us feel like engaging in recreational activities and doing sport more frequently.

4-being in a good mood contributes to a healthy sexual response: the endorphins and serotonin merge to produce the perfect sexual harmony.

5-on a hormonal level, the previous points are all very well, but let’s not forget the psychological aspect, the way that the clothes you wear subtly set the scene, the joy that comes from wearing very little and the suggestive gestures that can help us a lot.


“Springtime moves the blood“

Listen to this song, wear light clothing and see what happens to your mood. Perhaps you will better understand how important it is to seek stimuli that help you to feel happier during this beautiful season and then as far as possible make it last throughout the year: WALK THE MOON – Shut Up and Dance

On the other hand, there is nothing conclusive in this respect: we also have to realise that a great many people unfortunately feel at their worst in springtime owing to the problems brought about by allergies. We have to realise that we are not in heat since we are not animals, we do not have a particular time of year (fortunately) that nature determines so do not feel bad if you do not agree with what we have just said; it mainly comes down to your way of life, the way you want to feel, your mood and the way you focus your emotions and your attitude to life, to loving, to what you feel like doing at any moment. It is always nice to have sex, but better still when it is chosen: “there is no particular time”.

Welcome desire: whenever our body feels like it, it will always be well received.

Or, why not go along with Nietzsche in saying that we are vital actors, when he said that sex is one of nature’s traps that was just an activity to avoid extinction..??

Everyone is free to do it as long as they do not do any harm to anyone. That is why prostitution exists. If you do not have anyone that you feel like doing it with, look for, choose and in mutual agreement achieve that undoubted pleasure even though the final goals are different given that, in this case, one person is doing it for money and the other for pleasure, but always with the same intention of having sex.




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