The life of an escort: questions that every man has asked himself

How many of you have ever stopped to think; what is this escort like when she is with her boyfriend or when she is alone, with her family, or studying?

Don’t try to get inside an escort’s mind because it is a pointless, uncertain and very banal exercise.


Most men probably feel sorry for them (it makes me laugh to think about it) while others regard it as the freedom to show themselves to their world. The truth is (as far as the escorts in our agency are concerned) that they feel free, happy, content and very satisfied with the financial reward, which is the only reason they do it.

There’s nothing better than finding out from someone’s personal testimony what goes on in their minds and the ways they deal with their daily lives.

Leave hypocrisy, preconceived ideas and double standards behind.


-Do they really enjoy it?

No, clearly they do not: pretending is the first insurmountable rule that an escort has to learn.

Exceptions do exist, but in this line of work there are very few. Unfortunately, clients tend to have a very dark and closed mind regarding paid sex, which makes it very difficult for there to be any pleasure.

It’s impossible to feel the same with everyone or to feel the same way, but actual enjoyment happens with one in a million. On the other hand, the escorts that work hard get to know their body more and more, which makes it easier for them to know where and how to function in order to enjoy it and, when it comes to being paid, not to suffer.


-If you come across a man whose genitals or some other part of his body stink, how do you react?

I’ve taken the effort to go there, get made up, paid for the taxi and spent an hour to arrive to the date, so when something like that happens, I do everything I can to encourage him to have a shower. I do it politely and we will even have one together, so that everything goes more smoothly.

If there is any kind of discharge from their penis, then without a doubt I will insist they put a condom on before giving them a blow job. We never provide any services when there is an extreme lack of hygiene or any signs that something could be dangerous e.g. suppurations, pimples, wounds, odours.

Health comes first.

-After having sex with a client, do you feel like doing it with your boyfriend?

It all depends on the way I feel after being with the client, but, in general, as soon as I walk out of the hotel I completely disconnect.

I am an actress: I play my role and the performance ends. Why should I not enjoy my private life?

I must confess that, on many occasions, I research, test out and examine attitudes and pleasures before putting them into practice with my partner.

It is a job like any other: somebody who works in a cemetery doesn’t go home crying every day, or thinking that they are going to die the next day.


-Do you work when you have got a period?

If there’s a good customer lined up, I put my contraceptive sponge in and work; if not, I usually take a break as long as my monthly earnings are already covered.

During the menstrual cycle the vagina is much more lubricated and so women are generally more receptive to pleasure; I admit that it is easier and less painful when you are menstruating, both in my work and my personal life.

The important thing is to be in control.

-How do you manage to keep it secret?

My mother knew about it from day one because I decided to do it. I’m an escort because I do not like working in the system. Otherwise, I could not travel or buy what I believe I deserve as a person, whether it’s a book, a piano or a decent home.

Anonymity is necessary.

Everyone else around me will never know because I am very aware of the way this line of work is stigmatised. All the double standards and rejection it would cause me would mean I would have arguments every day, something I do not want at all.

I do not sell my body: I sell my genitals for an hour. I do not belong to anyone.


I will keep working against the stigma of being a prostitute because that’s the way I want it and because it’s my decision.


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