The world-famous Kama Sutra


Is an ancient Indian book written by the Indian philosopher and sage called Vatsyayana. Apparently, he was celibate, but some historians who have studied the ancient text state that he went on to put theory into practice! The Kama Sutra was originally addressed to men, but Vatsyayana also heartily recommended that young women read it through during courtship to prepare themselves for a long and happy marriage. At the time the Kama Sutra was written, there was no shame surrounding sex – Hindus conceived of sex as not only natural and necessary, but even sacred.

Although many people in the West regard the Kama Sutra to be purely a sex manual, in reality, only 1/5 of the book concerns sexual positions; the rest deals with a range of subjects such as the philosophy and theory of love, even how to find a wife! In recent decades, it has become hugely popular with both sexes thanks to its highly erotic postures guaranteed to spice up any relationship. According to the Kama Sutra, there are no less than 64 types of sexual act. Today we will be looking at several of those postures ranging from easy, relaxing ones to others that are physically demanding, and from those in which the man is in control to others where women rule!


The splitting bamboo

This easy posture is perfect for slow, lazy lovemaking. The woman lies on her back with one leg slightly bent. The man then straddles this leg. The woman lifts her other leg and stretches it over his shoulder so that their legs form a pair of scissors. As you build up a gradual sliding rhythm together, she can reach down and stimulate herself easily. In this wide-open position, it is also easier to contact her G-spot.


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The Bandolier

This is a great erotic position that makes deep penetration possible while guaranteeing both partners are comfortable. It is ideal for protracted, profound sex. The woman should lie back with her head supported on a cushion. The man kneels in front of her, close enough that she can rest her feet on his chest. Begin by entering slowly then building up to harder penetration. It is one of those rare positions that is both super horny, romantic at the same time as it allows you to look into each other’s eyes, and the man can reach down and play with her clit and nipples.



The Congress of the Crow

Long before it was termed a ‘69’, the Kama Sutra had already discovered this classic position. As the book says,” when a man and a woman lie down in an inverted order, with the head of one towards the feet of the other, and carry on this Congress, it is called the Congress of the Crow”.


The Beetle

Unlike the majority of positions in which the man enters her from behind and is thus in charge, by performing the Beetle it is the woman who holds the reins. The man is seated on the bed with his legs stretched out in front of him. The woman crouches over him, straddling his legs and facing away, rising up and down on his penis as deep or shallow as she wants. Guaranteed to delight both partners.

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The Dolphin

In this position, the woman’s head and shoulders are on the bed. The man then lifts her behind into the air. If it is too hard to keep up for long, she can always rest her feet on the bed. It gives the man the feeling he is really in control while giving the woman the chance to demonstrate all her flexibility.

The Rowing Boat

Start by sitting on the bed facing each other. Wrap your legs around one another. The woman lowers herself onto his penis. Both partners then take turns to lift up and down in a synchronised way. It is a posture of equality in which both partners must exert an equal amount of effort and a great one for kissing.

The Mare

Another position in which the woman is in charge. The man remains seated on the bed supported by his hands behind him. The woman sits on his penis facing away from him while resting on his knees and leaning backwards. Her movements can be either strong or delicate, depending on the passion of the moment.


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