The world of the swingers

Not surprising for a city that has always been proud of its reputation as a leader in all things erotic, Barcelona has a wealth of opportunities for those who follow the alternative lifestyle, aka swingers. Ranging from well-established clubs, both upmarket and downscale, to private parties, there is no shortage of outlets for people who enjoy exploring their sexual boundaries, whatever their preferences may be.

Going back in time, the first partner-swapping club in Barcelona went by the name of La Caraba. It first opened in the mid-1970s as the repression of the Franco dictatorship began to wane. The club closed sometime during the 80s. However, it was the advent of the Internet that truly revolutionised the scene. Well-known websites such as Adultfriendfinder, SpicyMatch, and Ok Swingers have enabled similar-minded couples to contact one another and exchange information, photos and videos. Nonetheless, the city’s racy clubs still hold a key role as the place for them to meet up and indulge their fantasies.

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Let’s begin by taking a look at some of the Catalan capital’s most upmarket venues. The longest standing and best-known high-end establishment is Training Pedralbes, which boasts its own pool and hosts events such as trio night, where those who are into a ménage à trois can fulfil their dreams, along with a younger couples’ night every Sunday. Then there’s the Libert club, with different themed rooms, and Club 6&9, which boasts a disco where guests can strut their stuff to get in a sexy mood before heading for the club’s intimate rooms where the real action occurs. One of the city’s most recent arrivals is Oops!, a luxurious mansion located uptown that is already proving highly popular owing to its superb facilities and stunning views. High-end clubs such as Training and Oops cost about €50 per couple, with some drinks included. At the very top end of the scale, there is the luxury sector that is characterised by international companies such as the Swiss firm, Castleevents, which organises parties in castles all over Europe. Taking the Stanley Kubrick movie ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ as their inspiration, these events feature a strict dress code, baroque style decoration, deluxe catering and a highly exclusive atmosphere. In the past, they have organised events in Barcelona. Expect to pay over €500 per couple.

On the other hand, in keeping with the scene’s increasing democratisation and specialisation, there are now more modest clubs in other neighbourhoods of the city with broader social appeal. One such club is the inexpensive, centrally located Uhomo in the Poble Sec district. Entrance costs just €20 per couple (including two drinks) and there is free entry on Sundays. Another equally accessible club, famed for its 18-hour-long bisexual marathons, is Charlie Privée, located on the major thoroughfare known as La Meridiana. Unlike most clubs where single men are not allowed, Club Swinger Charlie Privée is open to bisexuals and those of an open mind regardless of gender. Despite its anything goes policy, just like any liberal club anywhere in the world, Charlie Privée places great emphasis on the word ‘respect’ when it comes to making sexual approaches.

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Lastly, there are what is known as libertine parties. There is a solid following for such parties in Barcelona and are generally held every few months in semi-secret locations. They generally insist on non-conventional clothing and ask those attending to fill out a small test before being accepted. They usually feature DJs and erotic performances, both live and animated. These parties tend to be less specifically focused on swingers and more oriented at enjoying sex in the context of a fun, festive atmosphere. They tend to shun advertising and their location, which changes every time, is only revealed hours prior to the event. For such fiestas, visitors to Barcelona will need to prepare by doing research on the Web before planning their trip.

All in all then, it is clear that Barcelona offers a myriad of events and opportunities for all those who love giving full rein to their sexual fantasies in the context of professional, well-organised and safe environments. On the ever-expanding alternative lifestyle scene, the city is holding its own with a comprehensive offer that caters to all comers.


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