To make sex to three bodies the best fantasy

I’d always wanted to have a threesome. But it was only when visiting Barcelona that I got to take advantage of the city’s famed escorts and realise my fantasy. I really didn’t know where to start, so if it hadn’t been for the kind services of Laura at the entire experience might not have happened. My morning began with indulging in the first of my desires: a steaming hot cup of the kind of cafe con leche you only get in Spain. With fresh coffee rushing through my veins, I now felt able to pluck up the courage to try out my high school Spanish. I took out my cell phone and dialled the agency’s number.

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There was a friendly voice on the other end. “Good morning sir, thank you for contacting Barcelona’s finest escort agency. Which one of our services interests you?”. “Well”, I replied, “the thing is, it’s my first time in Barcelona and I was kind of hoping to get the chance to live out a sexual fantasy I’ve always had. “Sounds intriguing”, she remarked before adding that, up until now, the well-established agency prided itself on never having failed to satisfy a client’s fantasies. “I don’t know how you say it in Spanish”, I replied a little nervous, but in English we say, “Threesome”, I mean I want to try with two escorts at the same time”. “Oh,” she giggled, you mean, “duplex”. “That’s what we call it in Spanish. I’ve got just the ladies for you”. By now, my mind was already racing and I felt lost for words.

Fortunately, she knew the procedure, arranging the whole thing for me later that evening, where I’d meet up with the escorts and at what time.
A little tired after the early morning flight from London, I lay down and tried to achieve one of the other goals I had planned for my weekend in Barcelona: a siesta. I managed to rest a bit but to be honest, my imagination was running riot, preventing me from falling asleep. I was about to spend the whole night with two of the sexiest escorts!

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At the prearranged time, I sat at a table in the bar of one of those short time hotels you find scattered around the city. I was still gazing out of the window, savouring my cocktail when I heard a woman’s voice call my name. I looked up at my two young companions, one darker, more Latin looking with striking eyes and long black hair; the other fairer, taller and with what appeared to be naturally blonde hair. They introduced themselves and I beckoned them to sit down, which they did, one either side. “Cocktails?” “Of course, we love cocktails”, they both exclaimed. We all laughed. The drinks came quickly and did their job. Soon we were all laughing and joking, making fun of my elementary Spanish. Lucky for me, linguistic assistance was on hand, as they whispered seductively in my ears and taught me phrases that will never appear on any exam paper. Before I knew it, we were in the lift going up to my room. With a mischievous expression, the two of them went off to the bathroom. I hit the mini-bar to pour some more drinks, before sitting back in an armchair. Next thing I know, they’re back, having stripped down to their lingerie in the meantime. They sidle past me, one winks at me, the other runs her tongue along her upper lip as she gazes into my eyes. They pick up their drinks. “Salud!” we all say, grinning. Two sips each and they slide onto the bed. In the form of a threesome in Barcelona, my lifelong fantasy came true thanks to you, Laura, and your escort agency in Barcelona

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