VEGGIESEXUALS: you won’t appear sexy to them if you eat meat

We all agree about the powerful influence that diet has on both mental and physical health as well as on sexuality.

Sexual hormones are the main factors and that is why it is beneficial as well as healthy to eat such foodstuffs as: honey, garlic, onion, ginseng, cocoa, sesame, pepper, oats, fruit and plenty of vegetables.

For this reason, it is widely believed that people with different dietary habits have better or worse sex.

Today we are going to talk about vegans, who are not very well-known at the moment—certainly there are fewer of them than there are vegetarians—despite the fact that they are similar in some ways and they share a number of dietary customs. Vegasexuals are the most radical vegans when it comes to sexual beliefs relating to the consumption of meat or products that are derived from living creatures. They refuse to have sexual relations with people who eat the latter.

According to their way of looking at life, they could be contaminated by those people who eat meat; even kissing someone who eats meat would be impossible.


They believe that the body of people that eat meat is like a human cemetery.

We are what we eat; it has been scientifically proven that body odour and sexual activity have a great deal to do with diet but not that it is possible to be intoxicated by someone who eats meat as a result of sharing bodily fluids: that is taken to be an outlandish theory invented by the vegans.

According to the experts, it is a fallacy.

Veganism is a way of life that seeks affinity among those who share it. However, I do not believe it is discriminatory; they are simply looking for people with the same beliefs and behaviour since the majority of them tend to be activists.

Do they have better sex because they are vegans?

It has been said that meat-eating couples do not possess that same sexual stamina. Given their diet, the nutrients of the vegetables and the fruits as well as the nuts provide lots of energy which is why vegans are said to have great sexual stamina.

Their semen has a less bitter taste.

Some of the fruits really hydrate the skin, directly increasing vaginal lubrication and thus improving penetration and duration and increasing sensitivity.

Zinc and vitamin C produce testosterone and this could be a good reason to consume bananas, avocados and pumpkin seeds.

Not eating meat improves the circulation, the blood flow and prevents cholesterol.

Serotonin helps combat stress, benefits one’s wellbeing, mood and libido.

Fruits and vegetables are the main providers of serotonin.

Many people decide to take this decision (to not eat animal products) for a while and this works as a kind of detox for the system. But, what good does it really do?

Each temporary vegan has a different belief; none of them agrees on what they have decided. The main motivation is to go on a detox diet thanks to the excesses of a certain period whether it is Christmas, holidays etc. and it has nothing to do with the abuse of  animals or, of course, self-awareness; they tend to opt for questions of health.

There is something on which everyone agrees and that is that they definitely notice a surge in energy but also, frequently, an increase in hunger.


Regardless of the result on sexual relations you should know that even going vegan temporarily will bring benefits to the skin, to the hair and to the body but no more than any other detox diet.

The key is to eat legumes, avoid fats, take in enough to cover your energy requirements and to consult a specialist who can supervise you as you embark on this dietary discovery.

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