We accompany Pamela to the gym

We give our clients all sorts of information about the girls and their services, but we have never given them an insight into the daily routine of any of them.

We have decided to give them a peek at a normal day in the life of one of our escorts, in other words, at one of their routines such as going to the gym.

Most of them do it every day, they take great care of themselves, they are aware of the competition and what clients demand from them and that is why they take it seriously.

In this case, we accompany Pamela. As you can see, she is the sort of beauty that is typical of all our escorts, but in her case, the sport she does is a little bit special because it’s kind of strong and hard, requiring great dedication and consistency: Crossfit.

She goes three days a week, which is enough for a young body that has no intention of building up muscles; on the contrary, what she wants to do is tone her muscles and for that there is nothing better than this hard, but gratifying sport.



Are you ready?


-P. Of course, well, I’m always a bit lazy about starting, but once the first 10 minutes have gone by….


-How long you spend doing it?


-P. About 40 minutes, of which 25 minutes are hard work


-Is so much sacrifice worthwhile?


-P. It always pays me back because I live in my body and my mind. In the case of the gymnasium, looking after my body.


-Do you do it in order to be an escort?


-P. No, I do it because I love seeing the results in my body, and what is more, because being an escort it’s much more important, but the main thing is doing it for yourself.


-I’ll let you go now because I can see that they are already calling for you.


-P. That’s right, I’ll be busy for an hour. You know how it is, don’t call me for a couple of hours. After that, I’ll be available.

-Good luck and keep going.


-P. Ciao, let’s call each other later..

gimnasio vip dama barcelona escorts

And while I go back to the office, I can hear the names of each and every one of the sportsmen and women, going down the list as if it was the Army. I say nothing, thinking, that’s hard work all right..

And all because she loves herself and her work.

I’m happy to see that the girls take care of themselves and do the best they can to present themselves well in front of their companions.

In casting sessions, it is not easy to find girls with such integrity, but I feel proud to have the escorts we possess in our agency, barcelonaescorts

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