welcome to meeting point

Welcome to all of you who intend to visit us at this fair.

The meeting point has arrived http://www.bmpsa.com/

We are already preparing ourselves so that we can enjoy with you everything that our city offers to the client coming here on purpose during these days.

We would like to say that if you make a reservation two days beforehand, you can offer you a special rate because this would enable us to plan our schedule with greater accuracy and precision.


A great number of us girls can be found at fairs like this in order to be able to attend to all the calls we get during that week.

Girls from Madrid and Andalusia are meeting up in Barcelona, enjoying seeing our clients each day when the fair closes, going to dinner, going shopping with them, suggesting relaxing venues and even offering them the chance to prepare their schedule from the end of the day until the time they go to bed, whether it’s together or on their own.

As we have already said, in the event that specific, confirmed reservations are made in advance the rates are not the ones that appear on the website. It always comes down to adapting to your own requirements, taking into account the great importance that we place on discretion and doing things right during our time together.


We have also prepared some tailor-made dates, just for those of you who would like to be a accompanied around the city without wanting anything more than that, to be guided around, call us and let us know any question you may have.

We adapt ourselves and we always do so with the very best of our know-how.

We want to share time together and enjoy it together, make no mistake.




I will leave you with a link to the fairs in case it is of use to you.



And here are the ones for 2017



If you have read this post has discounted rate
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