¿What do older women have that younger men like so much?

Sex with older women: Less complicated, more rational and surer of themselves.
They are women who have already been through a number of relationships and generally do not expect commitment, they go along with things and whatever flows is perfect. They are very sure of themselves, they know their body and its flaws perfectly, but they do not attach any importance to it or allow any scope for complexes. They tend to be much more rational and less dependent.
They benefit and are enriched by it, giving their sex life a boost.

They really know their own strengths and how to pleasure a man given their long sexual experience – which has usually happened more than once – and they know how to use everything at their disposal perfectly. Their experience really appeals to men; we could say that this, together with their self-confidence, forms the two main secrets of their attraction.
They do not have great expectations and they enjoy themselves whenever and with whomever they want.
One tremendously important feature is also the fact that they are rational. They are not so hot emotionally (although sexually they certainly are) and that allows them to be more relaxed when it comes to taking the initiative, making decisions and having less irrational outbursts or none at all.

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They accept and love their bodies and that drives men wild. Having sex with older women is a very common fantasy; they are experienced and they know perfectly any weak points and how to achieve mutual pleasure. Men know it and get excited just thinking about it: It is an adventure of passion, sex and fantasy.
As the lawyer Laplaca said, “The important thing here is that the choice is mutual; in the end, it’s what sustains a couple”
It is a comment that I agree with because it is absolutely valid for all aspects of life.

The main reasons why they seek sex with older women:

– They are not interested in wasting time playing around with jealousy and men’s emotions and they appreciate the time spent together because they esteem the man they have decided to have at their side
-It is easier for them to have a relationship because they are independent, they do not need to feel or have a man beside them, so when they do it, it’s by their own decision and independence is one of the most valued virtues.
-When it comes to conversing, they have had lots of different experiences, meaning that chatting with them is more intense, more interesting and more enriching; there’s nothing like being able to spend hours having interesting conversations from which you learn new things. They are excellent partners as far as dialogue is concerned.
– If we are to look at it pragmatically, we have to acknowledge that they also have more money; something that provides comfort and often the freedom to choose more comfortable, idyllic places. Sharing expenses is very important in a relationship.

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-Assertiveness is a very typical characteristic: if they have to get a man they do not play around, they just do it and assume the consequences. They are not up for messing around and they do not cling to their partner.
-They do not go in for dramas; they know how to handle the situation and do not need the approval of friends or the world around them, meaning they can resolve conflicts much more naturally.
-Our sexual life creates many insecurities and anxieties for us. In the case of women who are over 45, this does not usually occur – maturity does not allow for it.
Basically, they already know what they do not want. They have no need to feel admired by the world around them or to be the centre of attention – they are too clear and sure in that respect.
-The stage of looking for the father of your children has long past. This means they have more time to take care of themselves and make themselves look nice: there is nothing more flattering for any human being than seeing how their partner takes care of him or herself without any other motive than making you feel happy.
-They find out and experiment with whatever is necessary in order to be able to give pleasure to their partner.
They get by on their own, using the Internet, books and masturbation: whatever it takes for them to enjoy sex without taboos.
– To sum up, they are more fun, more determined, less shy and do not worry about the next day or the end of the relationship; they enjoy it and expect nothing more than to experience it with intelligence and joy.

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