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Long considered solely a means to convey sexuality and seduction, lingerie is finally ‘coming out of the closet’ and claiming its rightful place in the life of today’s modern woman. It is often claimed that sexy underwear is just something for your partner to see in the bedroom, something that you keep on for a couple of minutes before it ends up on the bedroom floor. However, these clichéd notions could not be more wrong. Lingerie has become a central part of the fashion panorama, symbolising femininity and female empowerment and inspiring women all over the planet.

Global spending on lingerie is increasing year by year. The biggest market is the Americas, followed by Europe. Would you believe that French women spend no less than 20% of their annual clothing budget on lingerie? They realised long ago that wearing classy undergarments is all about how a woman feels about herself. If a man has the good fortune to see her wearing it, that is secondary.

Lingerie has gone way beyond simply bras and panties: nowadays, it ranges from corsets, bustiers and stockings to garters, slips and robes in addition to intricate laces, sparkling gems, ruffles and ribbons.  Other types include closed-crotch drawers, sheer nightgowns, camisoles, and chemise lingerie.

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Given the amazing choice of classy, elegant underclothes out there, today we will be looking at no less than 10 reasons why you should be using lingerie.

1) Embrace your shape: though lingerie can be used to emphasise your curves, there is no doubt that it looks good on every woman, no matter her size, shape, or proportions.

2) Feel good about yourself:  taking the time and effort to adorn your body in beautiful lingerie is a great way of reaffirming your esteem, boosting your self-confidence, and exploring your feminine creativity. Ultimately, investing in some classy lingerie is part of a lifelong love affair with yourself. Feeling confident about what you have on underneath not only makes you feel good about yourself, it is a powerful magnet for people who appreciate those qualities too.

3) Match your mood: every woman experiences a wide range of emotions, and lingerie allows you to express yourself without having to project anything to the outside world. For example, for those times when you feel romantic and dreamy, you can wear a pink or mauve ruffled bra and satin panty set. When you’re feeling flirty and playful, pull that red push-up bra and lacy thongs out of the wardrobe. When you just feel lazy and modest, pick out a lounge bra with cotton briefs, and when your mood is cool and casual, it is time for the t-shirt bra and boy short panties.

4) Explore your sensuality: the touch, feel and look of lingerie lets a woman explore her own sensuality, encourages her to be daring yet discreet, mysterious yet beautiful. It allows her to guard a secret inner flame that inspires her to feel fantastic.

5) For that special occasion: maybe your anniversary is coming up, or it’s Valentine’s Day or some other special event such as a long-awaited date. At times like these, it is time to reach for something extra special to spice up the occasion. And even if it’s not, treat yourself like the goddess you are, just because…

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6) Clothes will look perfect on you due to suitably fitted lingerie: If you spend a lot of money on quality dresses and outfits, you will want them to look their best on you. However, ill-fitted, poorly made undergarments can mean you are not getting the best out of your apparel. Splashing out on well made, suitably fitted lingerie ensures that your clothes fit better and look immaculate on you.

7) Feel fantastic on a regular day: maybe it’s just a boring old Sunday at home and you’re doing some household chores. Or perhaps it’s a regular weekday at work. Why not wear something special? You’ll be amazed the difference it makes to how you feel.

8) In the hectic rush of modern life, women can easily feel overwhelmed by all the demands and schedules they have to meet, making it vitally important for them to maintain and refresh themselves with plenty of pampering and self-indulgence. That is where the spa, the gym and shopping come in, not forgetting lingerie, too. Just like shoes, handbags, and other accessories, lingerie deserves to be a mainstay in every woman’s wardrobe.

9) Rekindle old passion: if things have become a little humdrum in the bedroom after you’ve been together some time, try wearing a matching lace bra and panties set. The effect on him will be immediate and electrifying!

10 As the old saying goes, If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?”

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