Women’s hidden fantasies

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Fantasy is a reaction that we have when imagining conscious and unconscious desires.

Nowadays it is already considered to be a part of everyone’s sexual desire and playfulness, but for a long time, and in some cases it still remains the same today, it was a reason to feel shame, a taboo, especially when it came to women. It is vital to know that fantasies enrich our sexual life, relieve tension, enable us to know ourselves better and understand our pleasure centres: they are the motor of a developed body and mind.

One of the main steps that enables a couple to fully enjoy their sex life is developing fantasies, letting the mind act so that it can give shape to an active sex life.


It is important to set out from the basic notion that sexual stimulation starts in the brain, which is why developing the mind is so important. We need to keep it active if we are to be able to ensure that sex is more pleasurable and so that the level of confidence in our partner increases in enjoying a highly satisfactory sex life as long as the fantasies stay within the boundaries of respect and without damaging the integrity of our relationship.

Let fantasies help the body to explore unknown places, to give free rein to whatever you feel like. We have to challenge the mind by developing the imagination with our favourite fantasies.

Women’s hidden fantasies

Women’s main fantasies:

-Submissive/dominant role play.

This is one of the most typical and frequent fantasies in which one partner submits to the other. Feeling dominated by the other person or dominating them is intensely exciting; all of us enjoyed watching the movie “50 shades of grey”, because it has contributed a great deal to the popularity of this fantasy.

-Being a stripper.

Every woman loves the idea of being admired and seduced by the other person, moving their body to the rhythm of chosen music, wearing beautiful lingerie: it is something that very few can stop themselves imagining.

Go ahead and dare yourself.


Every human being needs to be admired, envied and appreciated.

It can be lots of fun and very stimulating, but take care that you don’t get caught out; you could be seen by somebody that you don’t want.

One of humans’ greatest wishes is being seen and desired; the possibility of being discovered increases the pleasure and the supply of dopamine in the brain.

-Having a threesome: N.B.! Two men and a woman.

It is vital for the relationship to be very well grounded if this fantasy is to work out without anybody getting hurt. Don’t forget to do it with someone who is a stranger, someone with whom there are no emotional bonds.

This game is more popular among men, but it is also true that women also want to be desired and adored by two men in the same bed.

Women’s hidden fantasies

-Watching yourself in the mirror.

People working in the porn industry know all about mirrors.

Women find it very exciting to see their own movements reflected in the mirror, especially when they’re being taken from behind, but not only then. We like to watch and be watched and even more so if we know that this fantasy can do away with many complexes about our bodies; by observing the pleasurable movements that you and your partner it makes you forget all about those kilos, that cellulitis…





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