Women’s infidelity, difficult to your discovery

Those feelings and actions that we never confess, kept under lock and key, inadmissible and, what is more, ones they never imagine.

The ones most commonly found in all women are envy, jealousy, the desire for vengeance, complexes, evil, but above all, sexual fantasies and infidelity.

Women’s fantasies and desires are a different subject just like their fears and those hidden pleasures.

Curiously, based on men’s values and desires, we feel ashamed to recognise them, believing that they damage our image or that they will hurt our partner. Nothing could be further from the truth given that the subject should be dealt with by the couple, always setting out from the basic difference between men and women in all areas including, needless to say, sex.

Now then, what we are going to be talking about today is women’s infidelity.

A great deal has been said and comparisons made about the lies that men and women tell. Curiously, everyone agrees that men tell many more lies, but the truth, in my opinion, is that it is not true; rather, women do it better; we don’t leave traces and know how to keep the lie going to the end, even forming a real part of our love life.

It is also true that the motives tend to be different: they do it because it is a vice, because of their nature whereas we do it for vengeance, because we feel we’ve been left on one side, undesired. In other words, for certain reasons.

But always in silence; sometimes we don’t even tell our most intimate friends about it because of well-established societal values. If a man does it he is admired, envied, but women are still easy to stigmatise; if she is unfaithful she is immediately vilified, denounced as a nymphomaniac at the very least, by our own companions, ladies.

Why, when it comes to female “touch and go” is it so frowned upon, given that we already emerged from the cradle in sin? We go back to Adam and Eve; we are permanently connected to sin.

The worst thing about our infidelity is that, unfortunately, the male mentality runs rings around us. We will always be more emotional and in the end we always end up expecting a reply the next day, regardless how hard we try after having sex with someone—however meaningless it was—we can’t stop ourselves waiting for that SMS, that follow-up call…

We have been educated that way and generation after generation we start out from the same place.

No secret formula exists to avoid adultery, but there is one way to make it as difficult as possible and that is to really love yourself and not allow any lack of affection on either side of the couple. When there is real love in a couple neither of them needs to take risks nor even think about doing so.

Men initiate other relationships for purely sexual reasons, but even though women can do so, in most cases they do not because they get more involved, seeking to satisfy things lacking in other areas.



Why are women unfaithful?

There are always basic causes: low self-esteem, feeling that you’ve been left to one side, sexual dissatisfaction and wanting to feel that you are beautiful, loved, flattered.

In general, the majority of women believe in their own lies; we are cerebral and cold in the field of infidelity in the face of being found out.

Watch the video that defines us best; it could not be more didactic.


How do unfaithful women behave?

If she’s been found out she will never acknowledge it, even going so far as to swear on whatever is most sacred.

When we lie we do it with all our senses, with our eyes, gestures, the whole body, not just using words, but tears too.

It is difficult for them to catch us out because we handle the codes very well and very cleverly. We can continue looking after our children, taking care of the house, working at the office because we are more capable and we are used to dividing up our lives like this. However, one thing is certain and that is when a woman is unfaithful it is because something serious is happening in her relationship; it may be the beginning of the end of the couple.


Signs of infidelity

-she is no longer in tune, as manifested by absentmindedness, watching TV or her mind simply goes completely vacant

-she dresses up more than normal, changes what she wears, her hair, waxing…

-Her tastes change in ways you don’t recognise: music, movies, and cities

-she prefers that you do not accompany her, using feeble excuses. All of a sudden you notice that she wants to go on her own more often than before.

-The telephone is the key: she puts it on silent mode and never lets it out of sight, even becoming nervous if you watch her when it rings

-new friends that you have never met and that she does not introduce to you, she talks about new people

-changes to the work schedule, there are trips and meetings everywhere.

-Changes in her mood for which she always blames you. She even suggests you go out with your friends, that you do things with other people. She becomes more independent.


When you are no longer in tune with one another many of these forms of behaviour tend to appear, which could be the tip of the iceberg.

In my own opinion, deny it like a judge passing judgement and only confess to it in private to a psychologist if you wish to take a load off your mind. Nevertheless, above all, assess the damage if you are admit it as well as the outcome: it is almost never worthwhile.

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