Your new sexual GPS

Your new sexual GPS

Choosing to lend your own sense to the sexuality that you feel like having, experimenting with or sharing has a new meaning in our relations.
In sex, you choose or invent the strategies: the only goal is to be free, enjoy it and set your own limits, nobody forces you to be active or passive, bisexual or, on the contrary, heterosexual and nothing is set in stone; all you have to do is escape from the destructive routine.

Find your own route and start out on the journey: set your sexual GPS in motion.


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Think about your favourite unfulfilled erotic fantasy; curiously, in most cases when it is fulfilled it is no longer a fantasy. The couples that have fantasies are neither better nor worse; having them does not necessarily mean having better sex. I invite you to try one out: if it is erotic and positive for you then you will have experienced great pleasure, but if you do not do it, you have not failed and you will have a pleasurable sex life. It’s best if it comes from you and do not be left disappointed for wanting to carry it out in practice or repress yourself.

Fantasies can be good to manifest some earlier relationships that our subconscious does not let us forget: through fears, complexes we are able to exorcise the ghosts that terrify us.
You are the boss of your body and sexuality. Fortunately, as we grow older we free ourselves from our primitive sexual education and all those restrictions that did us so much harm and prevented us from being free in our sexuality, family, religion and schooling. Don’t let regret influence you just to do something to face up to others; as long as it is lawful and does not hurt or force anyone, everything is good, legal and very positive to experience. You are the owner of the limits; you put the line that must not be crossed. You cannot confuse responsibility and freedom with risk.

Keeping desire alive and wanting to experience what you desire will serve to enrich your relationship. Educate your sexuality with lots of self-esteem and without manipulations.
Each individual has their own codes, whether moral or ethical, and it is important to know how to identify them in order to achieve consensus without obliging or forcing.
But, you have to think about yourself above all because each individual should do so in order to reach the highest pleasure.

Love yourself, admire, and value your body.

So that your GPS never fails you, you have to trust and think of yourself as you would from the first day: only like this will pleasure arrive. We all have defects and complex manias that block us, generating many insecurities and not letting us enjoy our bodies. You may not be the perfect body-worshipping diva nor the owner of perfect curves, but that will not stop you from enjoying and being a perfect lover in bed. Likewise, you will be loved and valued by your partner. If they are lying beside you, it will be because they are interested in you and they will definitely have seen much to value in your personality.
When you manage to get rid of your fears, you will find both pleasure and desire will increase.

Your new sexual GPS


Be the owner of the quantity and quality.

Do not hold back from taking the initiative in bed while also allowing your partner to take the lead at other times, meaning it is you who are dominated. Anything that awakens our sexual desire is valid; a lover who meets your expectations is paramount.
Both quality and quantity are very important.
Libido and the way your body manages desire are not always the same. “Consensus” is the key.
My advice is to escape from expectations and connect the mind with the body.

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