Lesbian experience

The word itself is very complex and multi-dimensional. Without setting out to categorise human beings, we are going to find out more about this type of sexual relationship.

We are used to thinking that men are the great consumers of paid sex, although nothing is further from our innocent belief. Barcelonaescorts has had the pleasure of catering to women who were curious about exploring their sexuality and who wanted to experience the pleasure of having sex with another woman. It’s got nothing to do with physical features and we’re certainly not going to classify the more manly or less feminine image, just as you can see in their photos.

It is true that not all the young ladies that appear on our website are up for it, and that’s why we specify the availability and services offered by each one in this area. The one that does go in for it perfectly adopts the role of male or female according to what you decide.

Sex between lesbians covers all kinds of postures and ways of being stimulated, including the clitoris. It always ends up with them coming and by far the majority of them have more orgasms than with a man.

Sexual arousal does not end with orgasm; that is one of the best and biggest differences from heterosexual sex.

Lesbian experience
Lesbian experience
22 years

Lesbian experience
Lesbian experience
20 years

Lesbian experience
Lesbian experience
23 years

Lesbian experience
Lesbian experience
Valeri London
22 years




There are many myths in the bisexual world that are not real: let’s take a look at some:

Bisexuality is out of fashion, it’s a stage in life for those who are more curious or young, in order to be different.

They are promiscuous and not remotely faithful; they’ll make use of anything since their only purpose is pleasure. I do not consider that sexual orientation is directly related to being faithful.

Women come over as bisexual to attract men. There are still people who really believe it given that it is very common to attract a man in order to have sex with two women.

You do not have to be either a lover of men or women; you can also have sex depending on the person and regardless of their gender. Bisexuality is a very good alternative.


One of our heterosexual girls was curious and wanted to explore lesbian sex with a female client who asked. She was so surprised by the amount of emotions she was able to experience when she touched and was caressed by another woman that she told us that it had been something extremely sensitive and hitherto unknown, making her doubt her heterosexuality. Innovating can be the best ally of pleasure.

If you want to spice up your sex life, we are going to help you to use some objects like these, and if it is with one of our escorts, you can ask her to bring them along.

Double vibrators: for both parties and, if you are imaginative, they can be one of the most satisfying ones as they stimulate the entire perineal and vaginal area.

Chinese balls stimulate the muscles of the vagina and pelvis and the more you use them, the more they help you tighten up down there. There is no relationship to which they are not suited. They are great for stimulation and, at the same time, discreet.

The Rabbit vibrator is designed to stimulate the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously; we do not know of any woman who is not a fervent fan of this pleasurable device.

Harnesses: you can find both single and double ones that allow for penetration of both parties at the same time, without forgetting their visual and mental impact. There’s nothing like watching your partner getting off, satisfying one another at the exact same moment. Anything goes.

Adult stores are becoming ever more specific in the catalogues of their devices, so don’t hold back from buying something as a surprise and using it at home: it’s sure to surprise you in a very nice way.

We have to admit that, when it comes to lesbians, using these devices is not as necessary for sexual satisfaction due to the fact they really know how to use all their organs, fingers, hands, tongue and skin…

At Barcelonaescorts, you have the pleasure of trying it out for yourself, and what might perhaps seem to you something that’s definitely on the other end of your sexual scale can turn into a fantastic  pleasure and even a game to play when you want to turn your partner on. The best experiences are always with escorts, as they do not require you to get any more involved than you feel like.

I am a believer in experimenting with people that you do not see again if you do not want to; like this, your emotional involvement or sense of shyness disappear at the very moment you decide. You aren’t obliged to do anything and there is always time to repeat it or leave it behind you, but at least you have sated your curiosity.

Among the profiles of our young ladies, there is a very wide range of possibilities as far as their bodies are concerned. All you have to do is choose the one that appeals to you most and see where your desire takes you from there; that is the best thing about escorts: living out your and their fantasies.





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