Detecting if you are good or bad in bed

First, let’s be clear that being bad is not final; you could be going through a bad spell, a difficult moment…And in the end recover to go on to be absolutely perfect in bed.

It is always possible to learn or change, whether through boredom or something as simple as a partner.

As in any other field, being good requires lots of practice and hours on the job, and even so, not everyone manages it, owing to lack of dedication or attention while doing it.

You don’t have to be an expert at positions, or magic tricks using toys…that’s completely false, among other reasons because many of the most sexy positions are so difficult to maintain that they stop you from concentrating and relaxing enough to enjoy it.

The art of making love is not as simple as it appears; there is a great deal of conformity and what is worse those who pretend just to do their duty.

More and more women are becoming responsible for their sex lives; we are becoming aware and leaving our pleasure less in the hands of men so that we are improving sexually.


We are going to give you some tips to find out if you are bad in bed so that we can help you improve and thus enjoy having sex more.

1-Add a touch of sauciness: never do anything that you don’t feel like just to please the other person, but do bring your imagination into play and do it in unexpected places.

If you do not dare to do so, you will become bored and that’s clearly bad.

2-Offer sex to your partner: don’t seek your pleasure on your own, pay attention to his moans, movements, words, whatever information will allow us to know how we can arrive at pleasure.

Put your heart into it, give it all you’ve got and make an effort in what you experience.

Egotism is one of the tips for someone who is bad in bed.


Remember that if the man beside you stays with you it is because he likes what he sees, what he has, what he desires. Don’t act as if you were embarrassed, turning off lights, covering yourself up, don’t let anything stop you from having sex in a natural way.

If he is with you it is because he likes you, enjoy it.

4-Spice up your sex life with videos, Internet, photos… Take advantage of the techniques that they show you and explore them with your partner-it might even be more fun.

Avoid being monotonous: it is an attitude that brings some of the worst consequences.

5-Communication, without fear.

There is nothing more exciting than being able to express your favourite preferences and places, positions, urges and fantasies.

You will never be good in bed if there is no communication.


6-Observe the way he reacts when it is over.

There is one expression that is very significant and that is the pressure of the hands and the toes of the feet. If this happens to your partner when the ejaculation has finished, you can conclude that you have done a good job and the explanation is biologically very simple: at the moment of excitement the blood flow goes to the vagina or the penis, so that once we relax there is a lack of blood in the extremities and one way to get it back is to squeeze them unconsciously to recover it.

Remember it is not about being sexual gods, but about practising until you manage to give and receive the most and best sex possible.

Sexuality is as wide as the people who practice it; the most important thing is to do what both of you feel like doing, without being in a hurry, without being forced to, and with the freedom to be able to ask an experiment with your partner’s body and desire. Anything goes when the goal is enjoyment as a couple.

What might appear to some as an aberration or even an offensive act might for others be the height of pleasure.


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