Sex with blow-up dolls in Barcelona

Blow-up dolls have come on a long way since the Normandy landings in WWII when Hitler ordered them made for his soldiers. As far as the way they feel, the way their joints move, their hair and functions, blow-up dolls—or ‘Dutch wives’ as they were called by early sailors—have evolved a lot ever since the Japanese introduced them on the market.

Their joints and movements are much more accurate and better designed for the positions desired by the men who enjoy using them, for those whose sexual practices are more solitary. In my opinion—as ever, open and tolerant—it’s still just a run-of-the-mill wank, but I ask myself, does doing this count as crossing the line of infidelity for a couple?

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Recently in Spain, they are making waves as something really new, but we should not forget how far this way of having sex goes back: in the 1930s Germany had them as part of its project to create an army. The same thing happened in Japan, where sailors spent long periods without contact with women.

Obtaining sexual relief has always existed, especially in an exclusively man’s environment and with these dolls their sole aim is to satisfy the lack of a woman.

Were they replaced by the famous love pillow in Japan?

It’s a curious fact that men want to have sex with a doll in place of a human being; you’d have to do a lot of research into the causes and consequences. As far as I’m concerned, it’s never suitable given that up until today I have always been sure that paid sex is not just typical penetration: sensitivity is going to hell.

The theory that the world of sex can mean many things can be restated with these dolls, or silicone human replicas.

Sexual fantasy, entertainment, fun…everyone gives it the definition that best suits their criteria.

In Barcelona, a journalist wanted to try out the sensation (half-heartedly, since he did not want sex) provided by these dolls and he got a rather ungratifying

surprise according to what I’ve been able to understand in his article that I will leave you to read. The wig kept falling off, one eye looked north while the other looked south, the kind of bubbles you get with chewing gum erupted on its breast, its arms looked bruised-according to the explanation offered by the person-because of the faded material on the silicone….apparently, a pitiful disaster.

Here is the link

The images are strange.

They are just a simple device to satisfy one’s fantasies, like any other, and they have nothing to do with perversion or problems socialising (as I’ve read in other articles). Let’s be realistic: they’re not such a big deal: they serve their purpose and work for anyone who wants to live out their fantasy. They are just one more element in someone’s erotic life.

The best thing of all is that they won’t bring you any negative consequences as long as you use protection and pay heed to the hygiene that is strictly necessary.

They are also good for people who want to invite a third party and do not dare to do so in person. They are the best way to decide on and introduce threesomes.

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We also have to give these dolls a high rating owing to their mastery for those who are starting out in sex since they can practise and become expert in sexual positions when it comes to meeting a real woman. Let your imagination develop and practise all kinds of fantasy positions with a doll: she won’t rate you—you will always be one more.

As long as they are used freely, as a result of curiosity, that is perfect. However, if you do it to avoid dealing with women or as a substitute for your partner or even should you realise that you feel some kind of affection develop when you do it repeatedly with a doll, then you should consult an expert in order to get a professional opinion. Far from wanting to be judgemental, it’s a simple opinion.

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